1h 30m

Filmed in one continuous shot, Boiling Point follows a head chef on an incredibly busy night in an upscale London restaurant. The tension is palpable in this excellent Stephen Graham film.

Based on the true story of fertility doctor Donald Cline, Our Father is a shocking documentary that exposes how he was illegally artificially inseminating his patients, creating dozens of biological c...[Read More]

A time traveling pilot teams up with his younger self when he goes back in time on a secret mission to find his late father and save the world. Starring Ryan Reynolds and directed by Shawn Levy.

In Windfall, a wealthy husband and wife arrive at their vacation home to find it is being robbed. In a twist, the thief takes them hostage and it becomes a story of a man who has everything versus a m...[Read More]

Nicolas Cage is back to his best in Pig, a simple but emotive story about a recluse whose truffle-hunting pig is stolen and his journey to tracking him down in this character-driven drama.

When two women head off on a girls trip to Croatia, things go very very wrong when one ends up dying and the other is accused of her murder in The Weekend Away. A solid thriller starring Leighton Mees...[Read More]

Bob Odenkirk plays Hutch Mansell, a Nobody going through the motions of life until his house is burgled and his boiling point is reached turning him into an avenging crusader in this pretty decent act...[Read More]

What if there was an app that predicted, very accurately, the exact time you would die? That's the simple premise for horror flick Countdown.

No-One Gets Out Alive follows Ambar, an illegal Mexican immigrant desperate to get ID papers who finds herself stuck in a creepy apartment complex riddled with terror but with nowhere else to go and m...[Read More]