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Lift follows a heist team led by Kevin Hart who, to get out of going to jail, are forced to work for Interpol to stop a transfer of $500 million of gold and capture a terrorist.

Nora and Hae Sung were best friends in Korea before her family immigrated. 25 years have gone by and now the are meeting for the first time. How will their Past Lives determine their future in this re...[Read More]

When an experienced con man takes a newbie under his wing both their lives change forever as the stakes get even higher in Focus, a movie with unfilled potential.

Family Switch is a fun, comedy that follows the Walker family who wake up to full body switches with each other. But with big events on the line can they come together and help each other out?

While piloting a small plane carrying a prisoner to Canada, the crew find themselves crash landing in a war zone after being caught in a storm. Action thriller starring Gerard Butler and Mike Colter.

Three best friends in their 50s find themselves navigating an unfamiliar world as old dads with young wives and kids in the Bill Burr comedy.

When all-powerful AI Superintelligence chooses to study average Carol Peters, the fate of the world hangs in the balance in this Melissa McCarthy romcom.

A group of holiday makers suddenly find themselves growing old and rapidly ageing, with their entire lives reduced into a single day. A mystery horror from M. Night Shyamalan.

Based on the video game, Monster Hunter follows Captain Artemis and her soldiers who are transported to a new world to engage in a desperate battle for survival against enormously powerful enemies

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