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Malaysian martial arts movie Wira follows Hassan, who after leaving the army, returns home only to find his family indebted to a local gang boss. Along the lines of The Raid.

Finding herself cursed after breaking a sacred taboo, Li Ronan must now protect her daughter. But what happened all those years earlier? Find out in Incantation, the hit horror from Taiwan.

Santa Claus is on the verge of giving up on Christmas but when a wealthy family are attacked one violent night, he must step up and save the day in this comedy action movie.

Another solid horror from James Wan, Malignant follows Madison who discovers that her visions of grisly murders are in fact terrifying realities. But can she make them stop?

Fingernails follows Anna and Ryan who are in love, and they have the certificate to prove it. There's just one problem, Anna isn't sure. To complicate things, she has started to have feelings for her ...[Read More]

Oscar Isaac is The Card Counter, in a revenge thriller that sadly doesn't offer much in the way of thrills or plot. Watchable but also forgettable.

A classic, Oldboy follows Oh Dae-Su who, after being imprisoned for fifteen years, discovers he now only has five days to find his captor. A shocking and stylish Korean revenge thriller.

The Beanie Bubble follows the story of the 90s Beanie Baby craze as told from the perspective of the three women who collaborated with Ty Warner to make it the biggest toy phenomenon in history.

South Korean movie, The Chase, follows a grumpy landlord and a retired ex-detective who must team up to find a serial killer who is murdering the tenants in the building.

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