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The all-new Mortal Combat 2021 is a centuries-old contest in which generations of fighters are destined to compete between realms of reality. Plenty of fight scenes, and a lot to like for Action movie...[Read More]

The Girl With All The Gifts is more than another churned out zombie movie. This is a clever and thoughtful take on the genre and is well worth watching, even if zombies are not really your thing.

A Monster Calls is a beautiful yet achingly sad film that follows Conor who encounters an ancient tree monster that helps him cope with his mother's illness.

The next installment of the Godzilla and Kong monster franchise has hit the small screen but is there enough action in Godzilla vs Kong to keep you glued, and is it as good as Skull Island and King of...[Read More]

Fighting With My Family depicts the rise of WWE professional wrestler Paige from her humble beginnings in Norwich to the Divas Championship and all the ups and downs in between. A fantastic, inspiring...[Read More]

The Siege of Jadotville is the true story of the Irish soldiers that defended the African town from 3000 battle-hardened mercenaries who attacked in 1961.

Salyut-7 is the true story of the Soviet Space station which began to fall to earth in 1985. If you enjoyed movies like Apollo 13, Gravity and The Martian then you'll love this too.

Mitch Rapp is out for revenge when he is drawn into the world of counterterrorism by his mentor Stan Hurley in the action packed thriller American Assassin.

Ex Machina, starring Alicia Vikander, Domhnall Gleeson and Oscar Issac is a super slick and stylish piece of cinematic art that cleverly weaves and poses questions about AI and humanity.

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