Everybody's favourite speedy blue-haired hedgehog is back in the animated kids series, Sonic Prime where the fate of a new multiverse rests in his hands.

Reboot is a comedy that follows the production team and cast of an old sitcom that gets, you guessed it, a reboot. From the co-creator of Modern Family, it's not as good as that show but it is funny.

Mythic Quest is a hugely successful online game and brainchild of Ian Grimm, but what exactly does it take to get a game to market? Find out in the hilarious workplace comedy on Apple TV+

Maggie is a psychic who can see glimpses into other people's lives when she touches them. But when she sees her own future during a reading, Maggie must decide whether or not to pursue her happily eve...[Read More]

Josh is Mr Corman, a 5th-grade teacher and failed musician whose life is going in the wrong direction. Riddled with anxiety and with a trail of fractured relationships, can things get any better for h...[Read More]

Through Trevante Rhodes' powerful performance in the lead role, we are given insight into what drove Mike Tyson both inside and outside of the ring. "Mike" is an unflinching look at one of the most co...[Read More]

Eleanor Shellstrop has died and has mistakenly found herself in an afterlife known as The Good Place, despite her dubiously immoral existence on earth. But can she mend her ways and stay there in this...[Read More]

A smart teen show packed with mystery and plot twists, Greenhouse Academy is much more than meets the eye. More high brow than Project Mc2 and Annedroids, it's great for all the family.

Janine Teagues is a second grade teacher in the underfunded Abbott Elementary school in Philly. Facing the issues that so many teachers do every day, this mockumentary-style sitcom highlights just how...[Read More]

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