Easy is an anthology series that follows a diverse range of characters who are navigating the everyday ups and downs of marriage and relationships. Drama peppered with humour and along the lines of Fr...[Read More]

Stuck in a time loop, Carter James finds it impossible to get home to his dog without NYPD Officer Merk killing him in the Oscar-winning Two Distant Strangers.

Family Reunion is a solid sitcom that follows the McKellan family as they move back to Georgie from Seattle, much to the shock of their 4 kids. Plenty of fun antics and laughs.

Supernatural creatures have come to earth creating chaos and sending people to hell which gives rise to a new religion founded on divine justice in this Korean crime thriller, Hellbound.  

American Vandal is an excellent mockumentary style show. Taking real life 'who dunnit's' as inspiration our film makers must solve the latest mystery. Far more insightful than you think.

The Letdown is an endearing and relatable comedy drama that captures the struggles of new parenthood as we follow a sleep deprived, over-whelmed Audrey trying to find a new normal in the world of moth...[Read More]

Justin wants to reconnect with his daughter Billie so he takes her to the lake where his family used to go every summer. A daft comedy more reminiscent of 80s summer camp movies.

A decent sitcom with a few laughs, Home Economics follows three adult siblings, all at different levels of financial security, as one decides to write a book about the family. Easy to watch tv.

Heidi Bergman is a therapist at a live-in facility called Homecoming, designed to rehabilitate veterans when they return home. But four years later, and with no real memory of her time there, she disc...[Read More]

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