An unsuccessful tv reboot of the hit 1994 movie, True Lies follows a housewife who is shocked to discover that her boring computer consultant husband is actually a skilled international spy...

Killing Eve follows the story of Eve Polastri, an MI6 agent on the hunt for a female assassin, Villanelle. But when Villanelle turns the tables, Eve's life will never be the same again in this superb ...[Read More]

The Last Thing He Told Me follows Hannah who discovers that her husband has been hiding a huge secret about who he really is...

Eugene Levy is stepping outside of his comfort zone and going to places he has never even thought about visiting, in The reluctant Traveler.

The Netflix documentary 'Pepsi, Where's My Jet?' takes us back to the heady days of the mid-1990s. It follows the story of a teenager who took on one of the most powerful corporations in the world - P...[Read More]

The Sinner has a very simple premise. A seemingly normal young woman murders a stranger for no apparent reason. One detective in particular doesn't believe her so he goes in search of answers. Great p...[Read More]

When animals around the world start to seemingly communicate with each other in what looks like an uprising against humans, a team is created to get to the bottom of the anomaly. Zoo is a science-fict...[Read More]

Three best friends meet while all working for a global magazine called Scarlet. The Bold Type charters the ups and downs of their careers, love lives and friendship as they make their way through thei...[Read More]

Deadwind is a top pick for fans of Nordic Noir crime drama and those that love The Killing, Black Spot, Bordertown and The Bridge.

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