My Life With The Walter Boys follows recently orphaned Jackie who must move to Colorado to live with the Walter family before falling for two brothers. Coming-of-age teen drama.

It's 90s LA and an aspiring film director ends up on a mind-altering journey of supernatural revenge that gets nightmarishly out of control in Brand New Cherry Flavor. Really really weird but bizarrel...[Read More]

Hollywood Houselift follows interior designer Jeff Lewis as he revamps and redesigns the homes of celebrities. With huge budgets and even bigger projects, the makeover show is must-watch tv.

Happy! follows a disgraced former FBI agent through his psychotic hitman life with his imaginary side-kick 'Happy'. It is as bonkers as it sounds. Dark, dark, dark comedy with gruesome undertones but ...[Read More]

30 years after Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator and vanished, Dr Ben Dong follows in his footsteps as the timeless classic gets a reboot.

Two friends, who were obsessed with a series of fantasy books as kids, realise that magic does exist when one is recruited to a secret academy. However, The Magicians they read about as kids are far m...[Read More]

The Last Czars is a docu-drama that chronicles the tragic story and downfall of the Romanov dynasty, the wealthy royal family who ruled over Russia for more than three centuries.

Based loosely on the original movie, Taken is a tv series that is jam-packed with action as Bryan Mills joins an elite and secret CIA team who must constantly save the world.

When George R. R. Martin, sci-fi, space and horror collide you get Nightflyers. Flawed but mostly unsettling enough to entertain and is certainly a visual feast.

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