The Netflix documentary 'Pepsi, Where's My Jet?' takes us back to the heady days of the mid-1990s. It follows the story of a teenager who took on one of the most powerful corporations in the world - P...[Read More]

The Sinner has a very simple premise. A seemingly normal young woman murders a stranger for no apparent reason. One detective in particular doesn't believe her so he goes in search of answers. Great p...[Read More]

When animals around the world start to seemingly communicate with each other in what looks like an uprising against humans, a team is created to get to the bottom of the anomaly. Zoo is a science-fict...[Read More]

Three best friends meet while all working for a global magazine called Scarlet. The Bold Type charters the ups and downs of their careers, love lives and friendship as they make their way through thei...[Read More]

Deadwind is a top pick for fans of Nordic Noir crime drama and those that love The Killing, Black Spot, Bordertown and The Bridge.

Eat The Rich: The Gamestop Saga is a documentary that follows the events in 2020 when the Gamestop stock rocketed up from a value of $3 per share to $347.51 over a few short weeks. And then crashed ag...[Read More]

Meeting during the Wedding Season, Stefan and Katie soon find themselves on the run, accused of murdering eight people. A Disney+ comedy crime romp with far too many issues to actually be funny.

It's 1910 and Elizabeth Thatcher has arrived in the frontier town of Coal Valley, six months after a devastating mining accident. As she embarks on her new life she must live a life that is simple but...[Read More]

Maniac follows two strangers who take part in a mysterious drug trial that supposedly has no complications or side-effects but will solve all of their problems permanently. But things do not go as pla...[Read More]

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