Maniac follows two strangers who take part in a mysterious drug trial that supposedly has no complications or side-effects but will solve all of their problems permanently. But things do not go as pla...[Read More]

How does a young Indian find love in the modern world when all else has failed? They use Indian Matchmaking and in this case, Sima, to find their future life partner. While entertaining in parts, this...[Read More]

Hollywood Houselift follows interior designer Jeff Lewis as he revamps and redesigns the homes of celebrities. With huge budgets and even bigger projects, the makeover show is must-watch tv.

Welcome to Snowflake Mountain where a group of young clueless adults are put through their paces in a bid to help them grow up. How will they cope in the wild when they only have themselves to depend ...[Read More]

Erika Vu is a high school senior who decides to live life to the max but when she accidentally dies and becomes a ghost her world gets turned upside down in Boo, Bitch, a comedy series starring Lana C...[Read More]

Midnight Asia dives into Tokyo, Seoul, Mumbai, Taipei, Bangkok, and Manila to see what unique factors make their nightlives thrive. When night falls, most people seek out food, fun, or fantasy in this...[Read More]

Making Fun takes televised DIY bodging, stuffs it full of children’s imagination, and bolts the package together into a lurching technicolour creation. Fun and entertaining show for kids.

Is It Cake? ups the ante in baking skills asking its very talented bakers to battle it out, creating incredibly life-like cakes. Mixed with a gameshow format and with cash on the line, it's good but o...[Read More]

The Afterparty follows a high school reunion that leads to a murder at an after-party. So whodunnit? Tiffany Haddish stars as Detective Danner to solve the mystery in this comedy series.