Women at War is a French drama that follows four women whose lives intersect in a frontline town as France enters World War 1. Drama, tension, and well worth watching.

The Rig follows a group of workers on a remote Scottish oil rig who are forever changed when the appearance of a mysterious bank of fog changes everything.

A little girl vanishes during a parade and a young journalist is drawn to the case and decides to investigate in The Snow Girl, adapted from the Spanish best-selling novel.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds promises a thrilling journey filled with action-packed excitement and thought-provoking stories from the iconic science fiction franchise. But is it any good?

20 years after vanquishing the wicked queen Bavmorda, the sorcerer Willow leads a new generation of rescuers on a dangerous mission into the unknown.

When the Chief of MI6 is nearly killed, Adam Lawrence is stepped up to take his place. But doubt about his abilities soon surfaces when he is accused of being a double agent in Treason, a British spy ...[Read More]

1899 follows a ship full of passengers travelling to New York when they encounter a nightmarish riddle aboard a second ship adrift on the open sea. From the creators of Dark.

Own Hendricks is The Recruit, brand new to the CIA but when he follows up on a threatening letter his entire world is turned upside down in this action-packed series starring Noah Centineo.

The Garvey sisters love each other very much. Who they do not love is John Paul Williams, their monstrous brother-in-law. And so they decide to kill him in Bad Sisters, a brilliantly dark crime comedy...[Read More]