Amazon Prime Series & Film Reviews

Michelle Yeoh plays Evelyn, a woman swept up in an insane multiverse adventure in which she alone can save the world by connecting with the lives she could have led. Great film and not to be missed.

In Moonfall, the earth has been knocked off its orbit and is on a collision course with earth. Thankfully a NASA executive has an idea to save the planet. But can they get there on time in this sci-fi...[Read More]

Joe Bell is the true story of a working-class Idaho man who decides to walk from his hometown to New York City to raise awareness of the effects of bullying, specifically how it changed his family's l...[Read More]

Thirteen Lives tells the true story of a group of young boys and their soccer coach trapped in a system of underground caves that are flooding. A rescue mission is assembled to save them, but the boys...[Read More]

Tom Holland is back in Spider-Man: No Way Home but this time he has more than MJ and Ned to help him get out of the sticky situation of everybody knowing his true identity. Another cracker from Marvel...[Read More]

CIA Agent Henry Pelham has been tasked with finding a mole who helped a terrorist attack on a plane eight years earlier in All The Old Knives, an old-school spy thriller.

Gary is a widower and single father when he meets Mary. But Mary has a secret, and when Gary finds out what it is, he has a big decision to make in Wolf Like Me. Decent drama.

Rental Charges Apply

Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) is a street-smart thief recruited by seasoned treasure hunter Victor "Sully" Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg) to recover a treasure lost by the intrepid explorer Ferdinand Magellan ...[Read More]

House of Gucci is a movie inspired by the true story of the family behind the world-famous Italian fashion empire. The cast includes big names like Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Al Pacino, and Jeremy Irons....[Read More]