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Josh is Mr Corman, a 5th-grade teacher and failed musician whose life is going in the wrong direction. Riddled with anxiety and with a trail of fractured relationships, can things get any better for h...[Read More]

Loot is a comedy that follows Molly Novak, a woman who seemingly has it all but when her husband cheats she quickly realises that money doesn't buy you happiness and so she throws herself into charity...[Read More]

Roar is an anthology series featuring eight stories about different women at various stages of life. With a clever blend of comedy and drama, and starring an incredible cast, it is worth watching but ...[Read More]

Made a career ending mistake at MI5? Then it's off to Slough House, a dumping ground for agents who have epically messed up. Known as the Slow Horses the team are led by Jackson lamb and find themselv...[Read More]

Rose Byrne takes the lead in Physical, an Apple TV+ original, about a housewife in the 80s who discovers aerobics as a way to escape the frustration and drudgery in her life. Brilliant dark comedy dra...[Read More]

The Afterparty follows a high school reunion that leads to a murder at an after-party. So whodunnit? Tiffany Haddish stars as Detective Danner to solve the mystery in this comedy series.

The Fraggles are back with Apple TV and the reboot Fraggle Rock: Back To The Rock, a brilliant show for kids and families, featuring all your old favourites so join Red, Goober, Monkey and Uncle Trave...[Read More]

Invasion is a sweeping, science fiction drama series that follows an alien invasion through different perspectives around the world. Starts slow but turns into a super sci fi drama on Apple TV+

Tom Hanks returns to WWII, but this time he's on the high seas rather than the beaches of Normandy. As Commander Ernest Krause, Hanks takes the helm of the USS Keeling - call sign 'Greyhound'. Can Han...[Read More]