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The Essex Serpent is a drama that follows Cora Seaborne who moves to Essex to investigate reports of a mythical serpent. Forming a bond with the local pastor, when tragedy strikes, locals accuse her o...[Read More]

The Last Thing He Told Me follows Hannah who discovers that her husband has been hiding a huge secret about who he really is...

Tehran follows an Israeli Mossad agent who infiltrates an Iranian company to allow for an attack on their nuclear reactor. But when the mission fails, she must survive and get out of the country in th...[Read More]

Have you ever wanted to know your life's potential? What if a machine appeared that could do just that? Would you change your whole life because of it? They're the questions in The Big Door Prize, a q...[Read More]

Ghosted follows Cole who plans a grand romantic gesture to fly to London and surprise Sadie, the girl he has just met, only to find out she is a CIA agent.

Apple TV brings the story of how the video game Tetris went from a cold war soviet computer lab to a global phenomenon. Taron Egerton stars as businessman Henk Rogers, the entrepreneur who risked ever...[Read More]

Eugene Levy is stepping outside of his comfort zone and going to places he has never even thought about visiting, in The reluctant Traveler.

Shrinking follows Jimmy, a therapist who is also grieving the loss of his wife but with great friends and family, he just might find a way through, in this warm comedy series.

Sharper follows four key characters and central to them is a billionaire and who will get his money. Sleek film but not a lot beneath the surface and misses the mark as a thriller.

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