Disney+ Series & Film Reviews

Worlds collide in American Born Chinese when average teen Jin meets the son of the Money King who will inadvertently thrust him into a confrontation with gods from Chinese mythology. Thumbs up!

Nell Serrano is starting over as a journalist but the only available job is to write obituaries, which is fine until the ghosts of those she is writing about start haunting her, in Not Dead Yet, a sup...[Read More]

Special Agent Will Trent grew up in the system and driven by determination has risen through the ranks to become a superb detective, in this excellent police drama that's a cut above its peers in the ...[Read More]

An unsuccessful tv reboot of the hit 1994 movie, True Lies follows a housewife who is shocked to discover that her boring computer consultant husband is actually a skilled international spy...

The Revenant is an award-winning drama that follows a frontiersman on a fur trading expedition in the 1820s as he fights for survival after being left for dead by his own hunting team.

Extraordinary follows Jen, who lives in a world where everybody gets a superpower when they turn 18 - except her. So now 25 years old and with her life stalled, Jen must decide to either accept who sh...[Read More]

The Hardy Boys are in Bridgeport and unraveling one mystery at a time in this well-rounded wholesome drama that is suitable for all the family.

Three generations of the Clade family are on a crucial mission to find a power source to save their world in this sweet Disney movie that was definitely made for kids.

A group of ultra-wealthy diners arrive at an exclusive restaurant for the meal of a lifetime. But the chef has some surprises in store for them in The Menu, a truly tasty and memorable comedy horror. ...[Read More]