Netflix Series & Film Reviews

How difficult is it to obtain and keep power? Bad Blood is based on the real Mafia boss, Vito Rizzuto and his ruthless hold on all crime throughout the city as well as southern Quebec and Ontario. A s...[Read More]

Lilly and Jack Maynard have suffered a huge loss and a year later their lives are in very different places in The Starling, a little bird that has taken over Lilly's garden. A beautiful poignant drama...[Read More]

With stunning animation and an intriguing plot, Arcane: League of Legends is like Game of Thrones meets World of Warcraft. Brilliantly created, scripted and well worth a watch.

A wanted art thief needs to commit a daring heist of an ancient artefact but in order to succeed must team up with an FBI profiler and outwit Interpol. A fun action-adventure movie starring Ryan Reyno...[Read More]

If you put DC Comics, Veronica Mars and the Walking Dead in a pot and stirred, iZombie would magically appear. Complete with funny, witty dialogue, iZombie is easy but compelling watching even if the ...[Read More]

Supernatural creatures have come to earth creating chaos and sending people to hell which gives rise to a new religion founded on divine justice in this Korean crime thriller, Hellbound.  

Have you ever wondered how some of the most infamous serial killers were caught by the authorities? Catching Killers takes you behind the scenes of three investigations and how the detectives finally ...[Read More]

For employees of the Deep State, conspiracies aren't just theories they're facts. And keeping them a secret is a full-time job on the very funny animated Inside Job.

Baking Impossible is Great British Bake Off on steroids. Teams of two must create almost impossible edible feats of engineering in a show that will blow your mind when it comes to creativity and ingen...[Read More]

If you're a fan of Hallmark movies then Good Witch is definitely for you. Follow Cassie Nightingale and her family as they enchant the residents of Middleton and its visitors in this perfectly sweet, ...[Read More]

When Magda discovers a murdered woman in the local park she uncovers a connection to the disappearance of her friend fifteen years earlier and decides to start her own investigation in the Polish myst...[Read More]

If you've already seen The Babysitter, then you will know exactly what's coming in The Babysitter: Killer Queen. Blood, lots of blood, gore and very creative killings in a movie only saved by a decent...[Read More]