Netflix Series & Film Reviews

Spaceman follows Jakub who is six months into a solo mission and growing lonelier and more depressed by the day. At least he has a giant spider for company!

An idyllic community is thrown into chaos when a perfect and happy family is murdered by someone they knew. All is not what it seems in Deadwater Fell.

Malaysian martial arts movie Wira follows Hassan, who after leaving the army, returns home only to find his family indebted to a local gang boss. Along the lines of The Raid.

To save his mother's business from loan sharks, Geon-woo must confront the rich and powerful who prey on the weak, in Bloodhounds, a Korean action drama.

The Favourite is set in early 18th-century England, when the sudden arrival of the Queen's cousin, throws the status quo at the court into chaos. Remarkable film from director Yorgos Lanthimos.

When the family Patriarch is attacked, Charles Sun, a Taipei ruthless killer, must go to L.A. to protect his estranged mother and brother as their enemies close in. Brilliant action comedy starring Mi...[Read More]

Lift follows a heist team led by Kevin Hart who, to get out of going to jail, are forced to work for Interpol to stop a transfer of $500 million of gold and capture a terrorist.

The Sandfords are spending the weekend away when everything around them starts to go very wrong. When the home owners turn up unannounced, the families must learn to get along in, Leave The World Behi...[Read More]

Korean fantasy drama Hotel del Luna follows manager Jang Man Wol, who was cursed for a sin a thousand years ago. To escape her fate she must find somebody who has committed a worse sin...