Netflix Series & Film Reviews

Georgia Miller has recently become widowed and promptly moves her kids to middle-class Wellsbury to start a new life. But all is not what it seems and soon she has more problems than just her angsty t...[Read More]

The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is a new series on Netflix that tells the story of one of America's most infamous serial killers. It doesn't make for easy viewing, but then that may well be the point. As an ...[Read More]

This unique collection of animated short stories is visually stunning and immensely enjoyable, especially on a 4k TV. Sci-fi fans will love the groundbreaking animation and eclectic mixture of futuris...[Read More]

A loose adaptation of the original novel, K-drama Little Women follows three sisters who are struggling in poverty when they get mixed up with a money laundering scheme that puts all of their lives in...[Read More]

Five students walk into detention but only four come out alive. With all pleading innocence, they must ask themselves which One Of Us Is Lying? A teen murder mystery with hints of Gossip Girl and Pret...[Read More]

Enola Holmes has turned 16 only to discover that her mother has disappeared, so off she goes on her own adventure to save her friend and track down her mother. A solid family movie that is carried by ...[Read More]

Mr Harrigan's Phone follows Craig, a teenager who befriends the reclusive billionaire, Mr Harrigan. But when he dies, Craig discovers he can still communicate with him beyond the grave. A solid Stephe...[Read More]

Charlize Theron leads this action-packed fantasy movie about immortals who roam the world trying to make the world a better place. Think a modern-day Highlander.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow unfolds when Priah accidentally unleashes the spirit of lantern jack, causing all of the town's Halloween decorations to come to life. Can she stop them in this fun family c...[Read More]