Paramount+ Series & Film Reviews

Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, and a star-studded cast navigate the turbulent waters of 1920s Hollywood in 'Babylon.' Does it hit all the right notes, or is it a silent flop?

Fans of the Dungeons & Dragons game have been eagerly awaiting this movie. Does the cinematic adventure roll a natural 20, or is it a miss? Find out in our comprehensive review of Dungeons & Dragons: ...[Read More]

A decent sitcom with a few laughs, Home Economics follows three adult siblings, all at different levels of financial security, as one decides to write a book about the family. Easy to watch tv.

Joe Pickett is a western drama that follows the lives of a game warden and his family as they navigate the evolving political and corrupt landscape in a quaint rural Wyoming town.

Smile follows a psychiatric nurse who becomes more and more certain that she is being threatened by a terrifying presence, in the horror from Parker Finn.

Maddie Nears is dead. Now she sits in the afterlife with no memory of how she died or who killed her in School Spirits, an addictive whodunnit on Paramount.

It's 1923, 40 years after the Dutton family claimed their land in Montana and despite the empire the family have built, drought, expansion into the west and a greedy landowner threaten to take it all ...[Read More]

Yellowjackets is a captivating and intense drama that chronicles the journey of a high school girls' soccer team after their plane crashes in a remote wilderness. With its compelling storyline, talent...[Read More]

In LA, an enormous sinkhole suddenly appears, causing a family to become separated in a strange, unexplained primeval world. Along with a group of desperate strangers, they must navigate this unfamili...[Read More]

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