Paramount+ Series & Film Reviews

Simone has decided to write a book about devastating events that happened one night 20 years ago. The problem is they are not about her and now lives are at risk because of her claims.

An unrelentingly tense Korean thriller, Bargain puts a whole load of undesirables in a hotel (for undesirable reasons) and takes us on a wild ride when they must survive a catastrophic earthquake.

A ridiculously stupid film, Slotherhouse follows Emily who wants to be elected as her sorority's president. She adopts a cute sloth, thinking it can help her win, until the sloth goes on the rampage k...[Read More]

From Paul Anderson comes the now cult horror classic, Event Horizon, as a rescue crew must investigate the mysterious reappearance of a spaceship that had been lost for seven years.

30 years after Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator and vanished, Dr Ben Dong follows in his footsteps as the timeless classic gets a reboot.

When your family have owned the Yellowstone Ranch for more than 120 years there's nothing left except to defend it and secure its legacy. But for the Dutton family, that's easier said than done!

Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, and a star-studded cast navigate the turbulent waters of 1920s Hollywood in 'Babylon.' Does it hit all the right notes, or is it a silent flop?

Fans of the Dungeons & Dragons game have been eagerly awaiting this movie. Does the cinematic adventure roll a natural 20, or is it a miss? Find out in our comprehensive review of Dungeons & Dragons: ...[Read More]

A decent sitcom with a few laughs, Home Economics follows three adult siblings, all at different levels of financial security, as one decides to write a book about the family. Easy to watch tv.