Find Great New Series To Watch

17th Century Japan and when a European ship is marooned, Lord Yoshii Toranaga uncovers secrets to tip the scales of power and save his life.

An idyllic community is thrown into chaos when a perfect and happy family is murdered by someone they knew. All is not what it seems in Deadwater Fell.

Martial arts meets the 1800s Wild West in Warrior, when Ah Sahm immigrates to San Francisco and becomes a hatchet man for the most powerful gang in Chinatown.

A wrongful conviction, a corrupt team of officers and one detective willing to put her career on the line for the truth, in crime drama Criminal Record.

To save his mother's business from loan sharks, Geon-woo must confront the rich and powerful who prey on the weak, in Bloodhounds, a Korean action drama.

When the family Patriarch is attacked, Charles Sun, a Taipei ruthless killer, must go to L.A. to protect his estranged mother and brother as their enemies close in. Brilliant action comedy starring Mi...[Read More]

Mr and Mrs Smith follows John and Jane, two people thrown together as a married couple to live as spies for a covert international agency. But what happens when their relationship begins to decline?

Korean fantasy drama Hotel del Luna follows manager Jang Man Wol, who was cursed for a sin a thousand years ago. To escape her fate she must find somebody who has committed a worse sin...

My Life With The Walter Boys follows recently orphaned Jackie who must move to Colorado to live with the Walter family before falling for two brothers. Coming-of-age teen drama.