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Toy Story 4 – Official Trailers

Their owners may move on but it appears as though we don't! Toy Story 4 trailer is officially out and 24 years after the...[Read More]

How To Get More Netflix With a VPN

Many countries have a limited Netflix library when compared to the US. For example, users of Netflix UK have around 1000...[Read More]

Brightburn – Official Trailers

What would have happened if Superman was super – but bad super. I mean really evil and very angry, but with superp...[Read More]

Shows Like Vikings – 4 More Series For Norsemen Fans

We're big fans of the Amazon Prime show Vikings, the epic saga of Ragnar Lothbrok, his family, and his violent ascent in...[Read More]

Missing Link – Official Trailers

Well Easter is fast approaching and something big is coming this year – very big. Bigfoot Big… eight feet ta...[Read More]

The Vanishing – Official Trailer

What would you do if you came across a box full of Gold? Lets say not one person could prove you found it – yep, y...[Read More]

Queer Eye Season 3 – Trailer

After two hugely successful series Queer Eye is now back for a third one in Kansas City, Missouri! Thats right, Antoni, ...[Read More]

Ultraman – Trailer

Netflix have released the trailer for their brand new Anime show Ultraman, available on the streaming service from April...[Read More]

Game of Thrones – Season 8 – Final Trailers

Winter is Here!!! Check out the final trailer for Game of Thrones that HBO has just released… Game of Thrones fans...[Read More]

Finding Steve McQueen – Trailer

What do you do when the President has an illegal slush fund? Well, steal it of course. What if you had to change your na...[Read More]

Hellboy 2019 – Trailer 2

Hell Yeah!!! The re-boot of Hellboy 2019 sure is generating a huge following. Lionsgate has just released a second trail...[Read More]

George Lucas And His Star Wars Fortune

There used to be a time when the value of a movie was based solely on it's box office receipts. A time before merchandis...[Read More]