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The Rap God & Devil

MC, Rapper, producer, star of his own movie 8 Mile, Eminem is the man and he's fed up. The Kamikaze album is still at the top of most music charts aro...[Read More]

Netflix Buys Rights To Bodyguard

Virtually everybody in the UK is talking about the new BBC drama/thriller Bodyguard. Starring Richard Madden and Keeley Hawes, the BBC confirmed that ...[Read More]

Netflix Stuns With 112 Emmy Nominations

There is a new king of TV in town and for the first time in 18 years, it is not HBO. This year's Emmy nominations are out and Netflix has a whopping 1...[Read More]

Glitch Season 2

After an award winning, if inconsistent, first season, Australian ‘risen from the dead’ drama, Glitch, is back with the help of added-on Netflix fundi...[Read More]

The Good Place Season 3

It seems like an eternity since I binge watched The Good Place. Thankfully the Eleanor Shellstrop drought will soon be over as Netflix will be releasi...[Read More]

Marvel's Iron Fist Season 2

As a big Marvel fan I couldn't wait for Season 2 of Iron Fist to drop on Netflix. I know season one had some issues. Creating a lead character, Danny ...[Read More]

Will & Jaden Return

Hollywoods favourite father/son duo are back and they are far beyond the pursuit of happyness. Will & Jaden Smith performed together for the first tim...[Read More]

Sorry For Your Loss On Facebook Watch

Until I saw the trailer for the upcoming Sorry For Your Loss I had never even heard of Facebook Watch. And for good reason – it was only rolled ...[Read More]

Chesapeake Shores Season 3

Everybody's favourite Hallmark family are back as Netflix has started streaming Season 3 of Chesapeake Shores. The trials and tribulations of the O'Br...[Read More]

What's New On Netflix In September

With so much content being added and taken away from Netflix every month it's difficult to know what to watch or even what's available. We've compiled...[Read More]