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6 Spellbinding Shows Like Just Add Magic

Just Add Magic is the hit show which first aired on Amazon Prime back in 2015. Since then JAM fans have binged on 3 seas...[Read More]

Our Favorite Christopher Nolan Movies – So Far!

With Tenet finally hitting the big screen after more than five years in development, Christopher Nolan is once again set...[Read More]

Shows Like Doctor Who – 8 Fantastic Series For Time Lord Fans

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Shows Like Bordertown – 5 Chilling Nordic Noir Style Shows To Watch

When the Danish crime series, The Killing, debuted in 2007 it was such a huge hit that the tv rights were sold in over 1...[Read More]

Classic Casino Movie Scenes We’re Still Talking About

Casinos have long been a huge draw for the silver screen, due to the natural excitement, tension, and potential for huge...[Read More]

Shows Like Black Mirror – 7 Mind Bending Series & Movies To Watch

So you're looking for more shows and movies like Black Mirror? Well, I have put together a list of seven fantastic serie...[Read More]

TENET Movie Trailer

Now it's impossible to gloss over the fact that the Movie industry has had a nightmare of a year in 2020. Every single b...[Read More]

The Secret: Dare to Dream Trailer

Is it possible to change your future through just thinking it, positively manifesting the things that you really want? W...[Read More]

6 Crime Drama Hidden Gems On Netflix And Amazon

A lot of the time on Netflix, their high profile original shows and movies garner most of the attention. But on any give...[Read More]

6 Movies & Shows Like Despite Everything – Gracias!

So you're looking for more shows and movies like Despite Everything? Luckily for you, I've put together a list of 6 bril...[Read More]

Bill & Ted Face the Music

Ok, the wait is over! It's time to be Excellent to Each Other! Yes, the two lovable dumbass slackers from San Demas Cali...[Read More]

Unhinged Trailer

In a world where the pandemic has everyone concerned about venturing outside. The new trailer which dropped for Unhinged...[Read More]