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10 Netflix Originals Released In November

November can be a strange month. The fun of Halloween is over and Christmas is still just that bit too far away to start celebrating. So if you're at ...[Read More]

Vikings New Season – Release Date 28th November 2018

If there is one thing we all love, that's knowing when your favorite show is coming back on the TV. One of our favorite series on Amazon Prime is Viki...[Read More]

Richard Madden Removed From Netflix HQ

Star of Bodyguard, Richard Madden recently visited the Netflix headquarters in California and was surprisingly unwelcome. Considering Bodyguard will s...[Read More]

Henry Cavill Cast in new Netflix show – The Witcher

Rumours are that Henry Cavill will be leaving his role as Superman. So what would make him ditch the famous red cape? Well hot off the press, Netflix ...[Read More]

The Grand Tour Season 3 – Release Date

Strap yourself in and get ready for a brand new season of The Grand Tour. There were wild rumours banding around online about the show being axed by A...[Read More]

9 Menacing Horror Movies For Halloween

Halloween is nearly upon us and to celebrate we've put together a list of 9 menacing (and a few fun ones) horror films currently available on Netflix ...[Read More]

Netflix Increase Prices?

When Netflix was just starting out it didn't even have a streaming platform. They actually used to post you the rental DVD which you would send back w...[Read More]

New On Netflix In November 2018

With so much getting added and taken away from Netflix every month, it's easy to miss out on some amazing shows and movies. We've compiled a list of a...[Read More]

Atypical Renewed For Third Season On Netflix

Some really good news for fans of the Netflix Original Atypical. The streaming service have confirmed that the critically acclaimed series has been re...[Read More]

Watership Down remake coming soon from Netfix and BBC

If you are old enough to remember the 1978 release of the feature film Watership Down, then your life would have been changed forever from the brutal ...[Read More]