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Shows Like Tiger King – 12 Batsh*t Crazy Series

Tiger King is the hit Netflix series which follows the batsh*t crazy lives of Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin. ‘Tiger...[Read More]

50 Great Netflix Movies To Watch During Self-Isolation

You're going to need lots of new Netflix recommendations to get through the coming weeks of Self-isolation if your Town ...[Read More]

Iconic Films Which Have Left Netflix

Netflix is one of the biggest streaming services in the world. Over 167 million people globally subscribe to the service...[Read More]

Top Gambling Related Documentaries

This is something of a golden age for documentary filmmaking, with a dizzying array of subject matters now being explore...[Read More]

Who Are The Cast In The Stranger?

Taking Netflix by storm is the latest Harlan Coben adaptation, The Stranger. Over eight episodes the lives of the charac...[Read More]

Best Kids Shows On Netflix – Top 16 Children's Series & Movies

Netflix has a brilliant collection of shows and movies for Kids. From innovative series like 'A Series Of Unfortunate Ev...[Read More]

Best Documentaries On Netflix – Top 20 Docs To Watch

One area where Netflix has been able to carve a niche for itself is the Documentary genre. From brilliant Natural Histor...[Read More]

Just Add Magic Season 4 Release Date On Amazon

Just Add Magic Season 4 Update: 9th January 2020: Brand new spin-off series called Just Add Magic: Mystery City, will st...[Read More]

The 6 Best Gambling Movies on Netflix

Netflix is packed with movies in just about every genre you can imagine, and gambling films are no exception. From true ...[Read More]

To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

To All The Boys I've Loved Before was one of Netflix's biggest hits in 2018. Starring Lana Condor as Lara-Jean, the movi...[Read More]

Upcoming TV Series Bringing Vampires Back

The concept of vampirism has captivated pop culture since before cinema or TV was invented. Poems like The Bride of Cori...[Read More]

Gaming Movies, Streaming Content And TV Shows You Don’t Want To Miss

The gaming industry raked in $135 billion in 2018. With interest and revenue spiking as each year passes, there is no do...[Read More]

5 Of The Greatest Sports Films Of All Time

Everybody loves a good movie, especially if it corresponds to something they love or identify with. Different genres hav...[Read More]

Who Are The Cast In The Politician?

The Politician is the latest creation from Ryan Murphy and it has taken Netflix by storm. With multi-layered storylines ...[Read More]

Who Are The Contestants On Netflix Hyperdrive?

Just who are Hyperdrive Contestants - The hit Netflix show Hyperdrive is the most outrageous test of driving skill ever ...[Read More]

Shows Like Brainchild – 5 Clever Series Kids Will Love

If you've watched Brainchild, and want more shows that will boost your kid's brainpower, we have 5 smart suggestions jus...[Read More]

Who Are The Contestants On Netflix Blown Away?

Blown Away is the latest hit show to come from Netflix. It is a reality tv competition that pits 10 master glassblowers ...[Read More]

Cast Announcement For The Dark Crystal

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is one of the most highly anticipated shows coming to Netflix this year. It is a Jim...[Read More]