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Will Ferrell To Star In Eurovision Movie

It has been reported that Will Ferrell will write and star in a Netflix production based on the Eurovision Song Contest. The contest is hugely popular...[Read More]

Game of Thrones' Actress Sophie Turner In Tattoo Spoiler Alert

Sophie Turner has potentially had a giant Game of Thrones spoiler tattooed on her. Tattoo artist Lauren Winzer has shared a snap of Sophie's new ink –...[Read More]

Amazon To Stream 20 Premier League Games

Amazon will show 20 Premier League matches a season from 2019-2022. The online streaming service won the rights to show every game from the first roun...[Read More]

Netflix Crews Banned From Looking At Each Other

It has been reported that Netflix has banned its production crews from looking at each other for more than five seconds. New rules imposed on set repo...[Read More]

Netflix Outage Causes Chaos

Netflix went down yesterday and users of the streaming site were not happy. The service went down for a few hours globally and users reported problems...[Read More]

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