George and Linda are moving across the country but when they stop at a hippie commune called Elysium their lives change forever in Wanderlust, a truly hilarious comedy starring Paul Rudd and Jennifer ...[Read More]

Korean show The Sound of Magic doubles as a musical complete with song and dance numbers that sadly are not enough to rescue it from verging on depressing with very little plot to speak of.

Two deeply unlikeable and cynical people meet and have to spend the weekend together at a destination wedding neither of them wants to be at. A very, very funny anti-romcom starring Keanu Reeves and W...[Read More]

Wanted follows two strangers who find themselves on the run for their lives when they accidentally become prime suspects in a murder they didn't commit. Solid Australian crime drama.

Keanu Reeves is back as Neo in The Matrix Resurrections, nearly 20 years after the last Matrix movie. But is it any good or is it just a bit of nostalgia for old times' sake?

Roadkill follows Hugh Laurie as Peter Laurence a politician untroubled by guilt or remorse as he seeks to further his own agenda in a bid to become Prime Minister. Solid four-part drama.

Roar is an anthology series featuring eight stories about different women at various stages of life. With a clever blend of comedy and drama, and starring an incredible cast, it is worth watching but ...[Read More]

Big Sky follows private detectives Cassie Dewell and Cody Hoyt who stumble onto a case when two girls go missing on the way to the town in rural Montana but soon discover the case is much bigger than ...[Read More]

Chris Hemsworth stars in Spiderhead as a pharmaceutical genius who oversees a prison full of volunteer inmates who agree to be used as medical subjects in exchange for commuted sentences. But what hap...[Read More]