Santa Claus is on the verge of giving up on Christmas but when a wealthy family are attacked one violent night, he must step up and save the day in this comedy action movie.

Nels Coxman leads the perfect quiet life until his son is murdered by a Drugs Cartel, setting him on a violent path of revenge, in Cold Pursuit starring Liam Neeson

From director Christopher Nolan comes the epic saga of American scientist, J. Robert Oppenheimer, and his role in the creation of the atomic bomb.

Quiet and introverted Anne has her world turned upside down when she becomes known as Quiz Lady after a video goes viral. But can she become a champion and get her life back on track?

A prequel to the horror movie X, Pearl is set in 1918 where a young girl goes mad trying to escape the drudgery, isolation, and awfulness of life on her parents' farm.

While piloting a small plane carrying a prisoner to Canada, the crew find themselves crash landing in a war zone after being caught in a storm. Action thriller starring Gerard Butler and Mike Colter.

Elves is less about Christmas festivities and more about chilling murderous forest creatures who live outside a Danish town and the terror that is unleashed when they are disturbed!

A stunningly good Western style series, Song of the Bandits follows a group of Koreans who gather in Manchuria and band together to protect their homes during Japanese occupation from 1910-45.

Fingernails follows Anna and Ryan who are in love, and they have the certificate to prove it. There's just one problem, Anna isn't sure. To complicate things, she has started to have feelings for her ...[Read More]