Tehran follows an Israeli Mossad agent who infiltrates an Iranian company to allow for an attack on their nuclear reactor. But when the mission fails, she must survive and get out of the country in th...[Read More]

Catastrophe is a superb comedy that follows an American man named Rob, who meets an Irish woman named Sharon while on a business trip in London. And when Sharon gets pregnant they decide to try to mak...[Read More]

When a group of rich 20-somethings plan a hurricane party at a remote family mansion, a game of Bodies Bodies Bodies turns deadly in this comedy horror about a party gone very, very wrong.

Millie has decided to give up her career and life to move to Scotland to pursue her dream of becoming an Opera singer, but can she achieve it in the rom-com Falling For Figaro?

Ghosted follows Cole who plans a grand romantic gesture to fly to London and surprise Sadie, the girl he has just met, only to find out she is a CIA agent.

When The Handle is stolen and put up for sale Operation Fortune kicks in as the team gets to work to retrieve it in this Guy Ritchie action thriller.

Maddie Nears is dead. Now she sits in the afterlife with no memory of how she died or who killed her in School Spirits, an addictive whodunnit on Paramount.

The Devil is bored with hell and has decided to come back to earth to a new life in LA where he inadvertently becomes a consultant for the LAPD. Funny, sharp and witty as hell, Lucifer is a must if yo...[Read More]

It's 1923, 40 years after the Dutton family claimed their land in Montana and despite the empire the family have built, drought, expansion into the west and a greedy landowner threaten to take it all ...[Read More]