Comedy horror Renfield follows Dracula's right hand man as he longs to break free from the Count, his demands, and the bloodshed that comes with them.

A trained assassin must survive one last job if she wants to retire and re-connect with her daughter in the South Korean action film, Kill Boksoon.

Simone has decided to write a book about devastating events that happened one night 20 years ago. The problem is they are not about her and now lives are at risk because of her claims.

When an experienced con man takes a newbie under his wing both their lives change forever as the stakes get even higher in Focus, a movie with unfilled potential.

Eve Hewson stars in Flora and Son, a beautiful movie that follows a young mother trying to keep her wayward teenage son out of trouble by engaging with him through music.

Michael Fassbender is The Killer in David Fincher's crime drama about an assassin who slowly descends into madness while on an international manhunt.

Alexander Skarsgård is The Northman, a viking out for revenge and on a quest to retrieve what was stolen from him: his father, mother, and his kingdom.

Santa Claus is on the verge of giving up on Christmas but when a wealthy family are attacked one violent night, he must step up and save the day in this comedy action movie.

Nels Coxman leads the perfect quiet life until his son is murdered by a Drugs Cartel, setting him on a violent path of revenge, in Cold Pursuit starring Liam Neeson