South Korean horror, The Wailing, follows the effects a stranger has when he arrives in a little village and a mysterious sickness starts spreading. Good but confusing!

Before I Wake is a horror film that doesn’t want to be a horror film. What it is, in fact, is a very effective ghost story from Director Mike Flanagan. Still a thoroughly engaging and a solid piece of...[Read More]

The Girl With All The Gifts is more than another churned out zombie movie. This is a clever and thoughtful take on the genre and is well worth watching, even if zombies are not really your thing.

A Monster Calls is a beautiful yet achingly sad film that follows Conor who encounters an ancient tree monster that helps him cope with his mother's illness.

Set in Western Australia after WWI, The Light Between Oceans is a haunting romantic period drama that will leave an impact long after the credits have rolled.

Based on a true story, War Dogs follows two school friends who become arms dealers to the American government during the Iraq war. A dark comedy that raises many ethical questions.

The Siege of Jadotville is the true story of the Irish soldiers that defended the African town from 3000 battle-hardened mercenaries who attacked in 1961.

Elena Michaels is the only living female werewolf but leaves her pack in search of a normal life, until she is called home to help defend the family against an outside threat. A perfect fantasy horror...[Read More]

Hell or High Water is a modern-day Western starring Jeff Bridges, that raises a moral question. Is it wrong to rob a bank to pay back the bank that robbed you?

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