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100% Hotter is a make-over show that takes young men and women with extreme styles and transforms them into boring Insta ready carbon copies of each other. More judgey than helpful with mixed results for the participants.

100% Hotter is a make-over reality show based in the UK. Three industry experts take on the task of ‘improving' mostly young girls who, it seems, need a transformation. Now, on the face of it, this is quite a crass premise for a show. It is the epitome of the judgey society that we, unfortunately, live in. If you don't look like a perfectly stylised Instagram pic then clearly you need help. At least that's what they would have you believe.

Made worse is the fact that most of the makeover victims have been nominated by friends or family. There are only a few exceptions where the person getting the makeover nominated themselves. And honestly, those tend to be the best ones. It's all well and good realising that you might want to shake up your style. It's another matter entirely when your mates think you look like crap and desperately need help!

But however they ended up on the show, all the participants seem happy to go along with the requirements. Even when that means getting laughed at by the experts who try to stifle back their horror at what they are seeing. Condescending much??

Then they must wincingly endure the critique of the public who rate them on their current look. An actual score out of 10, with a few cruel comments thrown in for good measure.

Then comes the make-up removal. Now, this may not seem like such a tough ask, however, a disturbingly large portion of these girls are heavily made up all the time. Going with a naked face is their worst nightmare. So to be laid bare minus the lashes, extensions, and inches of foundation, is a truly awful experience for them.

As the show moves on the make-overs are in full swing. Grace Woodward is responsible for style. Daniel Palmer looks after the hair with Melissa Sophia in charge of make-up. And, for the most part, the transformations look great. They really do. Even if they all look ordinary and devoid of any personality. And when the public re-scores them on their new looks, the ratings go through the roof. Which in turn makes them all 100% Hotter.

There really is nothing more to the show than that. Girls (and a couple of boys) come in, look extreme, go through the motions, get a makeover and leave. Some love the results. Some hate them. That's it. That's the very shallow 100% Hotter.


  • Make-overs Look Good Most Of The Time


  • Formulaic
  • Insulting To People With Individuality
  • Very Judgemental



  1. I love it. Such fun and mostly they do a great job. Relaxing escapism from politics!!!

  2. AWFUL show it made my blood boil. Who do these lame ass basic bitch presenters think they are?! Stamping on people who dare to be themselves. I have never hated a show so much in my life.


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