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A spirited young woman finds herself imprisoned by a mafia boss who offers a deal to fall in love with him in 365 days or he'll set her free. If Fifty Shades and Beauty and the Beast had a porno baby, 365 DAYS would be it.

If you're curious as to why 365 DAYS/365 DNI suddenly became the number one watched movie on Netflix, let me just say, it's not because it's an incredible film. Far from it. It has been compared to Fifty Shades Of Grey but steamier. It's more like if Fifty Shades and Beauty and the Beast had a porno baby, 365 DAYS would be it.

It starts out in Sicily when Massimo and his father are negotiating, or rather rejecting a deal from a local mafia family.

Almost instantly his father is assassinated, with the bullet also hitting Massimo (Michele Morrone). Lying injured on the ground Massimo keeps seeing visions of a beautiful woman he saw earlier on the beach.

Fast forward five years and Massimo is the head of the crime family the beautiful girl, Laura from Poland, is now in Sicily on holiday with her boyfriend.

Laura (Anna Maria Sieklucka) soon finds herself dragged off the street and wakes up in Massimo's mansion.

He then proposes a deal. If she stays with him for 365 days and does not fall in love with him, he will allow her to leave.

But Laura has no intention of being imprisoned by the man who has been searching for her for five years. Sadly, escaping the mafia is trickier than she thought. As are Massimo's advances as he pursues her.

Once she realises that, it's easier to stay and then the steamy affair happens. That's the bit everybody is talking about!

My earlier reference to Beauty And The Beast is simply because he's portrayed as an angry dangerous man who has imprisoned a young woman, refusing to let her return to her family, in the hopes that she will fall in love with him. But Disney this ain't.

Is 365 Days Worth Watching?

To give it any credit, the chemistry between the two leads is undoubtedly there. Sadly, there aren't many other positives that I can conjure up.

The acting is atrocious, as is the script which is laughable it's so bad. The ending was a bit surprising and unexpected but it possibly also left the door open for a second movie. And, if the film follows the books then there is definitely a sequel to come.

365 DAYS is a dodgy, low budget romance but despite all it's faults it's strangely compelling.

I know critics have panned it but I found it more engaging and watchable than I thought it would be. For a less raunchy, more rom-com Polish offering, check out Squared Love.


  • Chemistry Between The Leads
  • Story is Strangely Compelling
  • Cliffhanger Ending


  • The Acting
  • The Script
  • The Plot


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