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A billionaire turns vigilante when he fakes his own death and attempts to take down a brutal dictator with his team in 6 Underground. All out action flick starring Ryan Reynolds.

From Bad Boys in 1995 to all of the Transformers movies, director Michael Bay has been synonymous with creating big-budget, high-octane action flicked and 6 Underground is no different.

Starring Ryan Reynolds, 6 Underground is an all-out guns blazing film that moves so fast, you’ll feel dizzy by the end.

But what is it about, and is it worth watching?

What Is 6 Underground About?

Ryan Reynolds starts the story with a  narration about how difficult it is to right the wrongs in the world, even if you are a billionaire.

On a humanitarian mission to a refugee camp, he experiences the devastation facing the poor when their city is gassed by a particularly brutal dictator.

Realising there is almost nothing he can do, he takes the drastic step to fake his own death and lives life as a ghost, taking down the world’s bad guys one at a time.

To help him, he has a team of five (hence the name 6 Underground), and each has its own speciality. There’s an ex-CIA agent, a doctor, a getaway driver, a world-class burglar and a hitman.

None of them knows each other’s names and is only addressed as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. But when one is killed during an op gone wrong, a new recruit, number 7, is brought on board.

Their mission is to take down the brutal regime in Turgistan and its leader, Rovach Alimov. To do so, they start with his generals and work their way up to the top of the food chain until they can get their man.

But, despite their meticulous planning, nothing really goes perfectly, and soon all of their lives are in danger.

6 Underground Official Trailer

Is 6 Underground Worth Watching?

If action packed movies with good guys and bad guys, explosions, car chases, and a death rate to make your eyes water, is your thing, then 6 Underground will be right up your street.

If however, you actually like watching a film with a plot, then this isn’t for you. No scene lasts for more than about 10 seconds, the characters bounce all over the world in a split second, and there isn’t one minute where a bad guy doesn’t get killed.

It’s frantic and chaotic, and despite really good action sequences, and a decent Reynolds performance, it just doesn’t have any weight whatsoever.

By the end, if you care about any of the characters, then you’ll have done better than me. Twice I paused it trying to figure out why on earth I was watching it, and all I came up with was that I like Ryan Reynolds and because I have to write this review.

Despite being one of the most expensive Netflix Originals ever made, costing a whopping $150 million, 6 Underground is all style and no substance.

Release Date

The Michael Bay movie was released in December 2019 on Netflix.

It was a huge success for the streaming service who reported that the film had been viewed by over 83 million viewers within its first month of release.

6 Underground 2

Initially, Netflix did plan to make a second 6 Underground movie and to be fair, there was enough left at the end of the first one to indicate that another could be in the pipeline.

However, dire critic reviews and a complete lack of any real creativity, beyond making things blow up, disappointed Netflix and they then decided to cancel the sequel.

So 6 Underground will not be a franchise, and no second movie will be made.

6 Underground Cast

Ryan Reynolds as Magnet S. Johnson / One (The Billionaire)

Mélanie Laurent as Camille / Two (C.I.A. Spook)

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo (The Lincoln Lawyer) as Javier / Three (The Hitman)

Ben Hardy as Billy / Four (The Skywalker)

Adria Arjona as Amelia / Five (The Doctor)

Dave Franco as Guy / Six (The Driver)

Corey Hawkins as Blaine / Seven

Lior Raz as Rovach Alimov

Peyman Maadi as Murat Alimov


  • Amazing Action Sequences
  • Great Special Effects


  • Devoid Of Any Real Plot
  • All Style No Substance
  • Chaotically Edited


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