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From the writers of A Quiet Place comes 65, an action adventure film that follows an astronaut who crash lands on a mysterious planet only to discover he's not alone.

A long time ago in a galaxy really gosh darn close, 65. The Jurassic Park movies have saturated us with so much dinosaur content it’s become hard to care that much about the latest terrible lizards.

Yet this review is going to go against the grain and suggest that 65 succeeded where ‘modern’ fare failed.

The problem with the bloated Jurassic Park franchise is that they keep having to find excuses for the dinosaurs to be there, or for the people to be where the dinosaurs are, or for the world to be overrun by dinosaurs.

And as much as everyone is scared of them they have become so normalised in that world that even the characters now shrug at their presence.

What 65 gets right, therefore, is Adam Driver’s reactions.

What Is 65 About?

Mills (Driver) is on a two year space exploration mission that has taken him away from his family. Unfortunately, a pesky undetected asteroid cripples his ship.

The film wastes no time in blaring to you that the subsequent fiery crash landing takes place on Earth, but 65 million years ago.

His crew are dead. Outside is wild. And his first reactions upon meeting the local massive scaly wildlife is to recoil in horror.

That’s the right response. Arrgh! Big dinosaur! Panic! Run away from the clever girl with speed and lethal intent!

It’s like the recent Jumanji film where everything you see and touch is almost certainly trying to kill you. Never mind dinosaurs in New York. YOU are an interloper in THEIR world here.

Mills quickly learns he isn’t the only survivor: there is a young girl called Koa (Ariana Greenblatt) who someone made it out of the crash.

They are unable to communicate, but upon detecting that the sole remaining escape pod is on a distant mountain, Mills manages to convince the girl to come with him through a combination of platitudes and misdirection.

Thus the vast majority of the movie is the pair of them navigating extremely hostile terrain and, quite rightly, being scared to death of it all.

Driver toes the line between fear and determination thanks to a space gun and (limited) space grenades, but even a well trained and well armed fellow such as he struggles with the sheer amount of dinos who want to have a go.

65 Official Trailer

Is 65 Worth Watching?

65 is therefore a refreshingly simple movie that knows it only has one trick and thus leans into it with all due spectacle.

Some emotional overlay about Mills wife and sick daughter left behind provides the down time flavour. Greenblatt does a fine job of being both the subject of Driver’s projected guilt but also a girl determined to reach the promised goal of the mountain.

Rewind your eyes and read paragraph 3 again. What’s that? An asteroid? In dinosaur times? You are now leaping to the right conclusion.

The clock is ticking on Mills and Koa’s fraught trek because if they don’t escape soon they are going to get caught between a speeding rock and a hard place. This gives a fine additional sense of urgency to, well, everything.

If we are to be harsh then you could argue that 65 fumbles the spectacle ball a bit. There are few jaw dropping moments for the audience as the movie obviously sticks to the popular dinosaur shapes and sizes.

Familiarity pervades and a movie based entirely on big bits of computer generation attacking Driver has an inevitable disconnect.

Yet, to wheel out the old cliché, why not just grab the popcorn and enjoy? We may know what these creatures are but watching Mills and Koa boggle and tremble at the ‘alien’ wildlife, is somehow the fresh new take we didn’t know we needed.

When it comes to choosing a dinosaur movie out of this and the latest Jurassic Park trilogy, I know who my King of the Tyrant Lizards is.

Words by Mike Record

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  • Absolutely The Right Tone
  • Exciting Throughout
  • Driver And Greenblatt Carry The Movie Well


  • One Note
  • Missing WOW Moments
  • Inherent CGI Disconnect


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