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Amber Moore is a struggling New York based magazine journalist. Young, very pretty, has no love life and works too hard - all the qualities needed for a leading lady of a Christmas love story. Spoiler alert, that's exactly what this is. Definitely not the worst Christmas movie ever made but it won't win any awards either.

If you're looking for an award winning movie, stop reading because A Christmas Prince is not it. That isn't to say that it's bad. In fact it's quite enjoyable. But it is a Christmas movie that uses every formulaic trope in the book.

Amber Moore, played by Rose McIvor from iZombie, (review here) is a struggling New York based magazine journalist. Living at home with her father she is the quintessential Christmas movie lead character. She is young, very pretty, has no love life and works too hard. And of course she is happy to give up her holiday plans. But it's in search of the story that will be her big break so probably worth it.

That story involves a trip to fictional country of Aldovia. No spoilers here when you learn that Aldovia is a beautiful, mountainous, snow capped country somewhere in Europe. Aren't they all! Moore must cover a press conference with the crown prince Richard, played by Ben Lamb. He is set to take the throne following his father's recent death. The scandal is that he plans to abdicate the throne, leaving the path wide open for his not-so-nice cousin, Simon to take his place.

Moore, being the savvy journalist that she is, sneaks into the palace looking for evidence. However, when caught she blags her way through pretending to be the new nanny to Princess Emily. Going all in, Moore warms to the rather difficult child, and of course to the Prince himself. But with a jealous ex-girlfriend on the scene, the path to true royal love doesn't run smooth.

There are no prizes for guessing the outcome of this tale. Yes, there are some plots that must be foiled along the way but it's a Christmas movie so all's well that ends well. This is the ultimate pyjamas and popcorn movie. It's great to watch with kids and was so hugely popular that A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding has now been made with a release date of November 30th 2018.

Take it for what it is. A lovely glossy, heart warming story about falling in love with a Prince.


  • Slick Production
  • One Of The Better Christmas Movies
  • Naff But In A Good Way


  • Formulaic
  • Unrealistic In The Extreme


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