A Nice Girl Like You

A Nice Girl Like You

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When Lucy gets dumped because she's too inhibited she goes on a journey of self-discovery to try and loosen up in A Nice Girl Like You. Unfortunately, a terrible movie that is neither Rom nor Com.

If you're looking for a great rom-com then scroll right passed A Nice Girl Like You, because this isn't it. What should have been at least mildly amusing is instead a load of utter nonsense. It's so forced and so awful that I would have turned it off except I had to write about it!

The premise is simple. Lucy (Lucy Hale) is a Harvard graduate who is in a relationship with Jeff. So boring is Lucy that even in the middle of sex she can't help but think of her shopping list, or even bother to take her pyjamas off. So it should no surprise that Lucy soon finds herself dumped and single.

But ever the good student, Lucy then decides that she needs to discover why she is so detached. So off she goes to make a list of all the things she believes will help her connect with her own sexuality. Said list includes things like visiting a strip club, going to a sex shop, watch porn and read a racy novel…you get the drift. With the help of her three friends, who are also members of her string quartet, they try to help Lucy loosen up.

Then Lucy meets Grant and through a series of absolutely cringy situations, the two end up together, at least in the short term. When Grant does a runner because of a miscommunication, Lucy must decide if he's worth pursuing. As I said, it's awful.

The jokes don't land and there are way too many awkward silent pauses between the characters. Lucy and Grant have ZERO chemistry and honestly, anybody who thinks a young woman needs to go to a strip club to find herself is delusional. It would be ok if it was funny, but it really, really wasn't.

A Nice Girl Like You is a romcom that has no Rom and even less Com. There are so many other really solid movies out there that you should watch instead. So try Plus One or The Longest Ride instead.


  • Farcical
  • Not Funny
  • Predictable


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