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Lola wants to own a wine distribution company so she quits her job and heads to Australia to land her first major client in A Perfect Pairing, a half decent romcom starring Victoria Justice.

Here at NextFlicks.tv we love a good romcom. And by ‘we' I mean me. I love to grab a vino and settle into an hour and half of pure implausible nonsense. So you absolutely know that A Perfect Pairing is right up my street.

Sure, we've seen it all before. Beautiful people meet other beautiful people, in beautiful places and fall hopelessly in love and sail off into the sunset together. What's not to like if all you want is a bit of escapism.

So what is A Perfect Pairing all about? Lola (Victoria Justice) is an LA wine company sales executive. But tired of her life she quits her job and heads down under to rural Australia.

She hopes to start her own wine distribution company and so heads to Oz to chase her first potential client, Vaughn family wines.

Unfortunately for Lola, the family are not interested in doing business with a startup company so she decides to prove that she is more than up for the task.

Lola volunteers for a job on the Vaughn sheep farm and strikes up a friendship with the dashing station manager Max (Adam Demos, Sex/Life) who agrees to train her.

And like all heroines before her, Lola discovers that Australia has given her more than just a love for wine but true love as well as she starts to fall for Max. But will Max's secrets prevent Lola from getting her happy ending?

Is A Perfect Pairing Worth Watching?

The first thing I should make clear about this Netflix movie is that it has almost an identical name to a Hallmark offering (The Perfect Pairing) which was also a romcom about a wine critic. So if that's the movie you're after, then sorry – you're in the wrong place!

But if you want to know if A Perfect Pairing, (Netflix film) is worth watching then you've come to the right page.

It has all the makings of being a perfectly adequate and satisfying romantic comedy. Woman wants to own wine company, flies to Australia, has to prove herself, falls in love etc…

The cast is great, the on screen chemistry between Victoria Justice and Adam Demos pops, the location is stunning so it ticks a lot of boxes.

The problem is that we've seen it all before. Falling Inn Love anybody? There's always a beautiful-but-unlucky-in-love lead, gets in over her head but makes good in the end and puts a cherry on top by walking away with a gorgeous guy on her arm.

But that's also what makes it so good! Victoria Justice is again brilliant and really natural as Lola.

So the verdict is in. If you love a solid romantic comedy with a bit of wrangling sheep thrown in for good measure, then A Perfect Pairing is worth the watch.

A Perfect Pairing Release Date

Filming for A Perfect Pairing began on 23 August 2021 and finished on September 28th 2021.

Directed by Stuart McDonald, the film was written by Hilary Galanoy (Love, Guaranteed) and Elizabeth Hackett (Falling Inn Love).

As romantic comedies go, the creators being a lot of experience from the genre which is why Netflix have announced that its release date is on Thursday, May 19th 2022 .

A Perfect Pairing Cast

Victoria Justice as Lola, an LA wine company exec who quits her job to pursue her dreams

Adam Demos as Max, who works for the Vaughn family on the sheep station

Korey Williams part of Vaughn family wines

Samantha Tolj as Hazel Walsh

Emma Kate Lawrence as Office Worker

Nicholas Brown as Hamish


  • Who Doesn't Love A Romcom??
  • Great on Screen Chemistry
  • Perfectly Lovely Story


  • Not A Unique Plot
  • Every Romcom Cliche Is Used


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