A Simple Favor

A Simple Favor

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When the very needy Stephanie becomes friends with the elusive Emily, it comes as quite a surprise. But when a simple favor results in a cat and mouse chase for the truth, the two must try to out-wit each other to stay alive.

Stephanie Smothers is a single mother to Miles and trying her best to be the most perfect parent on the planet. Endless volunteering for the PTA, permanently chirpy and with a small parenting vlog, poor Stephanie doesn't have many friends. She's just one of those people that tries too hard.

Her polar opposite is Emily Nelson. The high powered, uber stylish and rarely seen Emily (Blake Lively) also has a son in Miles' class. When Stephanie offers to have a play date, these two opposites actually start to become friends.

When Emily asks for a simple favor, to pick Nicky up from school, of course, Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) is more than happy to help. But a couple of days later, when Emily doesn't come to pick him up, the police get involved. Emily is deemed ‘missing' and as Stephanie relays the details on her vlog, her followers start to grow.

Emily is found dead and Stephanie is devastated. Not so devasted that she doesn't sleep with Emily's husband, however! And soon all is going good for Steph. She has moved into the palatial home and bed that Emily used to occupy. She becomes a surrogate mother to Nicky and turns into the perfect housewife for the newly widowed Sean.

But is Emily really dead? And if not why would she fake it? So many questions about the elusive Emily. And of course, that means Stephanie has to find out. After all, she's not too keen to have her lovely new life taken from her.

A Simple Favor is a drama/thriller that comes with plenty of twists and turns. Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively are fantastic in this cat and mouse chase for the truth. As the two try to out-wit and out-smart each other, it's clear that there can only be one winner. So which one of them will it be?


  • Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively
  • Loads Of Plot Twists
  • Completely Engaging


  • Ending Was a Little Rushed


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