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So, what on earth would you do, if you had the magical power to do Absolutely Anything at all? Would you use your new-found powers to do good? This crazy British comedy, from Monty Python's Terry Jones, gives us their take on what a tragic, single, middle-aged man would do.

Absolutely Anything is actually the premise behind this bonkers British comedy. In fact, it's the feckless middle-aged teacher, Neil Clarke who is given godlike powers. Why? Well, a passing space vehicle containing the alien galactic council decides to see if Earth should be destroyed. So their way of doing this is to give one human the power to do anything at all. In their infinite wisdom, they can then observe the results and make their choice. But, what will Neil do with his powers? He has just ten days, to prove to the Aliens that humans are good enough to save, will he do it?

The first thing that stands out with Absolutely Anything is that this is the comedy creation of the legendary comedy genius Terry Jones, the Monty Python legend, and for me the funniest member of the Monty Python team. In fact, Absolutely Anything also stars the whole Monty Python team (apart from Graham Chapman). This is the first feature film that they have all appeared together in for over thirty years. I mean, come on, this alone must make Absolutely Anything a candidate to be a total comedy classic. But does it live up to the potential? Sadly the answer is a tragic No.

So, moving on to the second thing that really appeals about, Absolutely Anything. The rest of the cast is a who's who of the finest names in comedy too. They include Robin Williams, Eddie Izzard, Rob Riggle, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Meera Syal, Robert Bathurst, Joanna Lumley, and Simon Pegg. Now, add to that Kate Beckinsale and Emma Pierson!

On paper, it looks like it has all of the ingredients for a real knockout experience. Yes, Simon Pegg is suitably cast as the tragically unlikable teacher Neil. And Robin Williams does a great job adding the voice to Neil's dog Mojo. If your wondering, Neil uses his powers to make his dog have the ability of rational thought and to speak. But, even with all of this talent, Absolutely Anything really is nothing more than absolutely average.

Put simply, the end product is a crass, low brow, hugely predictable comedy that feels low budget and ultimately low quality. The idea is old and so are all of the jokes. I really wanted to love this film, but whilst it is a little funny, it's more the level of toilet humor. Absolutely Anything, made me wish that I was doing absolutely anything else rather than watching what is a huge disappointment.

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  • Legendary Cast
  • Robin Williams's Last Film
  • Promising Premise


  • Crass & Low Brow Humour
  • Unbelievably Predictable
  • Tragically Disappointing


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