Adam Devine: Best Time Of Our Lives

Adam Devine: Best Time Of Our Lives

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Stand-up comedy special from actor and comedian Adam Devine that is a funny look back on the best and worst parts of growing up and finally becoming an adult.

For those of you who are not familiar with Adam Devine, no he is not the lead singer of Maroon 5 – that's Adam Levine. Adam Devine is the really funny actor from Pitch Perfect, Isn't It Romantic and Workaholics. But, it turns out he is also a really good stand-up comedian.

His Netflix special Adam Devine: Best Time Of Our Lives is a one hour show filmed at The Orpheum Theater. It is a comedic take on both the best and worst parts of growing up with funny stories from his childhood.

The thing about Adam Devine is that he has a very self-deprecating style of comedy. He does make a lot of references to being a nerd as a kid as well as having a more than a passing interest in magic. Much to the annoyance of his parents – who he also talks about a lot.

He's a funny guy but it takes a while for the stand-up to find a groove. Initially, he seems quite nervous but it could also be part of his personality as he is quite a seasoned comedian. But as the stories start he settles into it more which in turn makes it more enjoyable. Especially when he starts talking about his family or some of the characters he has played. And as the routine moves along there are more and more laughs.

Overall Adam Devine: Best Time Of Our Lives is a decent stand-up with a lot of laughs. He's like a big kid who can't believe he's famous – or an adult. I'm used to seeing him in comedy partnerships with Rebel Wilson and the two are comedy gold. So it was a pleasant surprise to see that he is as funny in real life as he is on screen. Passes an hour nicely.


  • Some Funny Stories
  • Great Impersonations


  • Some Jokes Miss The Mark
  • Very Self-Deprecating Style Of Humour


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