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After The Wedding

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Isabel runs an orphanage in India but must travel to the US to meet a benefactor only to discover that there are strings attached to the donation. A watchable but not particularly memorable movie starring Michelle Williams and Julianne Moore.

After The Wedding stars Michelle Williams as Isabel Andersen, a woman who lives in Kolkata, India, running an orphanage.

Relying on various donations and patrons, Isabel is amazed when a very generous benefactor, Theresa Young, in the US decides that she wants to donate millions to the charity.

The catch is that Isabel must go to New York to have the meeting with Theresa.

Reluctant to leave the kids behind, she makes her way to the Big Apple only to find that Theresa hasn't really got much time to see her.

With her daughter getting married, things are a little frantic so instead, she invites Isabel to the wedding on the promise of completing the deal once the festivities end.

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Is After The Wedding Worth Watching?

At this point in the proceedings, I'll be honest, it's quite difficult to like Michelle Williams' character. For a woman devoted to saving an orphanage, she is incredibly self-righteous.

It's like the mere request to have a face-to-face meeting has insulted her. Devoid of any gratitude and perpetually annoyed at even having to be in the US, all she ever actually does is wrap her scarf around herself, close her eyes and daydream about India.

However, she needs the money so off she goes to the wedding. And that's when she realises that Theresa's husband is her ex-boyfriend.

This is the point where you expect the drama to ramp up. It doesn't.

Desperate to get out of the situation, Isabelle leaves the wedding and tries to return to Kolkata but not before Theresa makes her a proposition. I won't spoil it for you so that's where the summary of After The Wedding ends.

What I will say though is that for two female powerhouses of cinema, this was a pretty boring story. Sure, they try to bring the drama and Julianne Moore (Sharper) really brings out the big guns, but somehow it just all falls a little flat.

On the upside, at least the script avoided tropes and cliches, even if it was a little predictable. Overall it's watchable but forgettable.

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  • Two Great Actresses
  • Avoids Cliches
  • India Looks Beautiful


  • Unlikeable Characters
  • Quite Boring
  • Forgettable


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