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If you loved 'After' and couldn't wait for the follow-on 'After We Collided' then I sorry to say the wait wasn't worth it. Terrible sequel endlessly filled with screaming rows and make-up sex and all devoid of any kind of plot or decent script. So disappointing.

Fans of the movie After (review here) will be well and truly familiar with the ups and downs of Tessa Young and Hardin Scott.

It is the age-old story of good girl meets bad boy and a path to true love that just refuses to run smooth. To briefly recap, Tessa heads to college and falls for the charms of Hardin (the tattooed English guy) until she discovers a deception that rocks her world.

I won't spoil it for you in case you haven't seen it. Suffice to say that the ending was a little up in the air and fans clamoured for more.

So the creators duly obliged and brought us the next instalment in the form of After We Collided.

I wish I could tell you that it's great. That somehow the story evolved and we got lost once again in the lovebirds. However, I cannot.

After We Collided is a bit of a mess, to put it mildly. We meet the duo after they have broken up but are still in contact. Tessa (Josephine Langford) has started as an intern at a publishing company and herein lies the first problem.

One day into her new job and suddenly she is the golden girl being whisked to an important conference. A suite in the hotel, a new glitzy outfit, and all on the company credit card is so ridiculously unbelievable as to be laughable.

Then she only goes and seals the contract with a major investor – on her first day. Please. All the while she is partying and getting drunk, Hardin (Hero Fiennes Tiffin) is prowling like a caged tiger desperate to know what she's up to.

A drunken phonecall leads to Hardin arriving at the hotel and the first of many, many, many love scenes. I reckon 80% of this movie is the two of them having sex.

And so we end up, once again, with a ‘will-they won't-they' get back together scenario. The sex scenes are only broken by the endless toxic fights and the making up and that is almost all that happens in the film.

There's a bit of Hardin ‘finding' himself and trying to become a less volatile guy but even the introduction of Trevor (Dylan Sprouse) as a possible love-interest goes absolutely nowhere.

As sequels go, this is so epically disappointing that I almost don't care what happens to them anymore.

After We Collided could have been so much better. Less ranting and raving from Hardin and less simpering good girl from Tessa and of course, an actual plot of some sort, and it would have been worth watching. As it is, if you loved After, end it there because it doesn't get any better.

But the powers that be have decided to keep plodding on with this story so check out After We Fell for more Tessa and Hardin drama!

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  • Resolves Ending From First Movie


  • So Over Dramatic
  • Terrible Script
  • Completely Toxic Relationship
  • No Plot At All


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