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If you love a decent murder mystery then Agatha Christie's Crooked House ticks a lot of boxes. With a stellar cast and some excellent performances, this isn't quite as good as Poirot but it does the job nicely.

If you love a good Murder Mystery then look no further than Agatha Christie's Crooked House. Based on the book of the same name, the film is absolutely packed with big Hollywood names. Starring Glenn Close, Christina Hendrix, Gillian Anderson, and Max Irons, the movie follows a familiar whodunnit path.

A British-Greek business tycoon, Aristide Leonides, has died in his mansion but his grand-daughter believes that he was murdered. She enlists the help of young private detective Charles Hayward, played by Max Irons, to solve the case. The list of suspects is seemingly endless as the entire family all live in one huge mansion.

The potential suspects include the two Leonides sons and their respective wives. Plus his new young, American wife played by Christina Hendrix (Good Girls) who is loathed by most of the family. There is also his sister-in-law (from his first wife) played by Glenn Close. Add in a couple of household staff and some disgruntled grandchildren, and Detective Hayward soon has his work cut out for him.

Each suspect has a valid reason for wanting to see Leonides dead. Characterised as a total control freak, he kept a tight grip on the family purse strings and refused to let any of them leave the family home. But solving the murder is made rather difficult by the fact that nobody wants to talk to Hayward. Can he uncover the murderer?

Well, this is Agatha Christie so of course he does. But with these types of movies, it's always the journey, not the destination that matters the most. There are some excellent performances from the cast and the story is a good one. However, as films go it just seems to plod along. There are no sub-plots and the ending is wrapped up very very quickly.

So quickly that by the time you realise who did it, the film is over. No aftermath, no reaction from the other family members. The murderer is identified and it's the end. So you are left sitting there thinking ‘That's it?'. Overall there are better examples of Agatha Christie's works but as a filler, Crooked House does the job.


  • Agatha Christie Based
  • Really Great Cast


  • Ending is Abrupt
  • No Sub-plots
  • One Pace Throughout


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