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Who does the best of the best idolise? Tupac. Follow the story told by Tupac himself as Demetrius Shipp portrays the Hip Hop legend in All Eyez On Me. From a 'Gehtto Child' to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, educate yourself on a remarkable individual as he looks for Better Dayz.

Tupac was a leader of an artistic movement and the voice of the ghetto. He was one of the most controversial figures in the public eye and the son of a black panther. Love or hate him, Tupac Shakur changed music and his message lives on years following his premature death.

All Eyez On Me portrays the story of Tupac’s incredible life. From ‘a ghetto child’ to selling seventy-five million records worldwide, his is a remarkable story. Fortunately All Eyez On Me film will give you a great insight into his life.

Hip Hop icons such as Dre Dre, Snoop Dogg, Puff and The Notorious B.I.G are all characters in the production. The film is predominately based in New York & LA ( NY being his hometown and LA where he became a star). However, the story is being told from the Clinton Correctional Facility. This is where Tupac was incarcerated after being charged with inappropriate touching. The remarkable element to this film is that the interview taking place was a genuine meeting between Pac & Kevin Powell from Vibe magazine. The Journalist asks questions about the chapters in Tupac's life and the film answers with visual representation within a time loop.

If you know anything about Rap during the early 90’s, you should be familiar with the relationship between B.I.G & Tupac which deteriorated as the pair's fame rose. All Eyez On Me covers this topic as it affected more than just the friendship. This event brings out the more reckless side of Tupac as he and B.I.G go head to head with their music.

If you're a lover of Hip Hop or have a genuine interest in music, All Eyez On Me is perfectly suited for you. Even if you’ve never heard of any of the names mentioned, it is more of a reason to familiarize yourself with the story of Tupac Shakur.


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