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What should have been an ode to Hawaii, is instead a strange mix of drama and romance that is so vague in its detail that you'll be scratching your head at the end of it. It's not the worst movie ever made, it's just no where near the best either. Fans of Bradley Cooper may enjoy it but otherwise it's a bit forgettable.

Aloha is a difficult movie to quantify. The ratings across the board have been dire. Just 5.4 out of 10 on IMDB a score of 20% on Rotten Tomatoes.

I didn't dislike it as much as that but nor did I love it. Aloha was just meh for me.

Bradley Cooper (The Hangover) is the lead in this Hawaiian based movie. Written and directed by Cameron Crowe (Jerry Maguire, Almost Famous) it promised a lot.

Especially when the supporting cast includes Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams and John Krasinski. Bill Murray and Alec Baldwin also feature. And while they are all relatively decent, the plot of the movie is sort of pointless.

What Is Aloha About?

We meet Brian Gilchrist on a military plane, on his way to Hawaii. His background is vague, but he is now a private contractor.

He has been tasked with organising a traditional blessing for a new pedestrian gate on behalf of billionaire Carson Welch (Bill Murray).

But in order to proceed with the blessing and move the gate, he must negotiate with the King of the islanders for their permission.

In the mean time, Captain Allison Ng (Emma Stone), has been instructed to supervise Gilchrist and must accompany him everywhere.

In the mix is Tracy Woodside (McAdams), the ex-girlfriend. She is married to Woody (Krasinski). He, incidentally is also military and was flying the plane that brought Gilchrist to Hawaii.

It turns out that although Gilchrist comes across as a reasonable guy, he can bought by the highest bidder to undertake any unsavoury business to get a deal done.

Having promised the Islanders that the sky will never be weaponised by launches from Hawaii, he discovers that Welch has actually hidden missiles in his latest rocket.

Through a whole series of weird talks about the sky with Ng (it's as daft as it seems), and finally getting back into Welch's good graces, he must now decide if he will scupper the satellite launch or just take the money and go.

Aloha Official Trailer

Is Aloha Worth Watching?

Aloha is in part a love story. It's also a story about redemption. But unfortunately, overall it is rather contrived.

It drops you in the middle of a story you know nothing about. Explains even less and leaves you scratching your head at the end.

And when of the awards you win for it is ‘Actress Most in Need of a New Agent' for Emma Stone, then you know you've missed the mark!


  • Great Cast
  • Character Chemistry


  • Contrived
  • Lacking Any Real Plot


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