Always Be My Maybe

Always Be My Maybe

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When celebrity chef Sasha returns home, she rekindles a friendship with Marcus after they stopped talking 16 years earlier. But they live two very different lives making the path to true love very tricky. Ali Wong and Randall Park are comedy gold and so is this film!

Always Be My Maybe is pure comedy gold. I mean seriously, it is laugh-out-loud funny from beginning to end and should be top of your Netflix watch list! Ali Wong (Paper Girls) and Randall Park (Blockbuster) star as the two leads. But they also wrote and produced it so basically, it's their genius that makes every minute of it so funny.

The story goes that growing up Sasha and Marcus were best friends. Having been largely left to fend for herself, Sasha relied a lot on Marcus's family. And it was his mum, Judy, that first introduced her to cooking. Fast forward a few years and the teenagers have a big falling out and stop speaking to each other.

Now it's 2019 and Sasha is a celebrity chef in New York, engaged to her manager Brandon. They are opening a new restaurant in San Francisco, her home town, and everything is coming along nicely. That is until Brandon decides to postpone the wedding leaving Sasha to head back to San Fran on her own.

There she bumps into Marcus, who is still living at home and playing in the same band he did as a teenager. With very, very different lifestyles, the two try to rekindle their friendship. However, things get tricky when they realise they have feelings for each other. Marcus has a girlfriend and Sasha has met somebody new. So the two go on a double dinner date…

What follows next is the single greatest cameo of any film EVER. Forget John Wick, this is Keanu Reeves at the top of his game. Hilarious!

With Keanu on the scene will Sasha forget about Marcus? Will their different lives pull them apart or bring them together? Will they get a happily ever after?

Always Be My Maybe is so naturally played out that it really is like watching two old friends. The script style is refreshingly uncontrived and incredibly natural so you can't help but love the two main characters. The supporting cast is equally as engaging and funny and overall the film is just perfect!


  • Incredibly Funny
  • Keanu Reeves Cameo
  • Uncontrived
  • Bucks Traditional Stereotypes


  • None! It's Hilarious


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