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For fans of World's Most Extraordinary Homes or just those who like to glimpse inside the world of others, Amazing Interiors will both inspire and make you laugh out loud with it's heady mix of the sublime and the ridiculous.

Amazing Interiors is brand new to Netflix and opens up our eyes to the extraordinary interiors of some of the most mundane looking houses around the world. The idea is that what looks ordinary and boring from the outside is anything but on the inside. With 12 episodes in the first season there's plenty to look at especially as they cover about three homes in each. A larger amount of time is given over to one house that is in the process of being renovated – a bit like a before and after – with the other homes featured already completely transformed.

My take from having watched the show is that what is amazing to one person is definitely not amazing to another. Some are just plain whacky and out there which I suppose is part of the fun of the show. From the guy who wanted to convert his basement into a sci-fi museum to the guy who wanted to live inside his custom car garage/showroom or the couple who turned their house into a circus. But for each of the houses that are a little out there, there are some that are just spectacular. The work, the time, the dedication, the attention to detail is just unbelievable and frankly raised my house envy gauge to an all time high.

The home in the video above, featuring the man who turned his pad into a cat sanctuary is also included in the show. I particularly loved the couple who own the world's largest shipping container home (Episode 3). Not only did they convert four shipping containers into a house, they created the interior using 90% recycled products which is both unique and a huge cost saving.

Transforming the home took 12 hours a day, seven days a week for a year, and to be fair to them, the result is incredible. So there's a bit of a mix in Amazing Interiors. Some will float your boat and some will make you laugh out loud. It's essentially Pinterest brought to life but you would seriously need to be into home interiors to binge watch it. If you are you can always check out Interior Design Masters or The Great Interior Design Challenge to continue the fun.


  • Good Mix Of Homes
  • Inspiring
  • Creative


  • Some Are Ridiculous


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  1. The first episode ruined it for me. I expected to see a magnificent house right away but they showed a couple BUILDING a nice house? Ehhh.. and also the Cubs fan really turned me off, I feel like they could’ve put a way better first episode as a intro to their show. Not going to continue to watch to he honest


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