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In Netflix's new series Ancient Apocalypse, Graham Hancock explores the myths and legends that connect ancient civilizations worldwide. He takes viewers on a journey through time to find a lost history that challenges the accepted version of our past.

Netflix's new Ancient Apocalypse series has been getting a lot of buzz lately. The series, which features Graham Hancock, explores the idea that the Ancient world was more advanced than we previously thought. Furthermore, Graham hypothesized that a lost civilization connects ancient cultures around the world. In search of evidence for his theory, he looks at mythological stories and legends from bygone civilizations and examines archaeological sites.

He then asks the intriguing question: did a cataclysmic event wipe out this advanced society?

Graham Hancock firmly believes in the existence of a lost civilization, even though many traditional archaeologists are highly sceptical of his theory. He takes viewers on an incredible journey full of mysteries, puzzles and unexpected revelations as he searches for evidence that could prove the existence of this lost civilization.

While some viewers have criticized the show for its lack of scientific rigor, others have praised it for its interesting take on history.

Whether you love it or hate it, there's no denying that it's one of the most talked-about shows right now.

Who Is Graham Hancock?

Graham Hancock is an English author and journalist specializing in unconventional theories involving ancient civilizations.

His books have sold millions of copies and have been translated into 27 languages. Hancock's work has been criticized by some archaeologists and historians, but it has also received a great deal of popular support.

In recent years, Hancock has become increasingly mainstream. Thanks partly to his appearances on shows like Joe Rogan. On the podcast, Hancock discusses his theories and shares his latest research. As a result of his growing popularity, Hancock's ideas have been introduced to a new generation of viewers.

What's Ancient Apocalypse About?

In Ancient Apocalypse, Hancock takes his research one step further by presenting it as an entertaining TV series.

The show not only introduces people to the theories behind ancient civilizations and their potential destruction but also offers an interesting look at Hancock's personal journey as he attempts to uncover the truth about our past.

In the first episode, Once There Was A Flood, Graham Hancock ventures to Gunung Padang, an Indonesian archaeological site, in search of verification of a long-gone civilization and the potential disaster that erased it.

Graham then travels to Mexico, Malta and Miami, unearthing more findings that point to an advanced ancient culture.

The strongest argument for pushing the conventional idea of human development back further comes from Göbekli Tepe. This site, located in present-day Turkey, contains the oldest known megalithic structures in the world. Graham doubts that hunter-gatherers could have constructed such a site without help from more advanced people.

In the end, Ancient Apocalypse is really about the journey rather than the destination. This series is an entertaining way to explore some of history's biggest mysteries and gain a better understanding of the world we live in.

Is Ancient Apocalypse Worth Watching?

The answer to this question really depends on the viewer. If you enjoy examining history and looking for answers, then Ancient Apocalypse is definitely worth checking out.

The show offers a fascinating look at an alternative view of our past that might not have been explored before. On the other hand, if you don't find Hancock's theories compelling, you may not enjoy the show.

Ultimately, Ancient Apocalypse is an interesting series that expands our understanding of ancient civilizations and offers a unique perspective on our past.

Whether or not you ultimately agree with Hancock's viewpoint, it's worth at least giving this thought-provoking show a try.

What Episode is Graham Hancock on Joe Rogan?

As previously mentioned, Graham Hancock is a frequent guest on the Joe Rogan Podcast. He's been featured in several episodes; the most recent one (at the time of writing) was Episode 1897, which aired in November 2022.

In that episode, Graham discusses his book, Fingerprints of the Gods, and shares some of his latest research on ancient civilizations and their potential destruction. He also talks about his new show, Ancient Apocalypse, and how it relates to the history of humanity.

For anyone interested in hearing Graham Hancock's thoughts on some of the most mysterious aspects of our past, Episode 725 with Graham and Randall Carlson is an essential listen. You can find the full Joe Rogan videos on Spotify and clips of the show on YouTube.

If you enjoyed this series, check out more series with historical mysteries and unexplained phenomena with our list of 12 shows like Ancient Apocalypse.


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  1. Thank you for the balanced review. Hancock’s theories are interesting and refreshing. He definitely does not deserve the recent wave of hate – he is truly progressive and noble individual.

  2. This is a sensationalist bunch of BULLSHIT. Nothing is based on science. Everything is made up. This is NOT a documentary. Only an uneducated, conspiracy-loving idiot would think this is factual. This is as entertaining as listening to right-wing extremists propaganda lies or christian extremists denying evolution and taking the bible, a book of folk tales, verbatum as fact.

  3. Brilliant. All those archaeologist that oppose his theories are just scared that people will finally realize that they have been lied to. Someone had courage to air it and after lots of rubbish political correct and gender bullshit movies ..finally something worth watching. thank you

    • And what degree do you have to claim that this liar is telling the truth and real scientists are liars? Youtube and tiktok and twitter do not substitute a Ph.D. in history or the natural sciences.
      You are exactly the type of person who is actively destroying the US right now.


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