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Angry Birds is the movie based on the mobile game which racked up over 3 Billion downloads! It was hardly surprising, then, that the cute characters made the switch from little screen to silver screen. Nevertheless, it's surprising how good this movie is for a franchise which has no existing storyline to build on.

Angry Birds is not the first computer game to spawn a Hollywood movie, the best-known example to date being Tomb Raider. But, Angry Birds is certainly the game that has the least character development and storyline available for scriptwriters to flesh out into a film.

Literally, the only thing that happens in this game is a player shoots birds at a group of pigs! Not much for the animators, director or scriptwriters to work with. So credit to them for bringing Angry Birds to the big screen in such an entertaining way. I originally went to see this movie at the cinema with my 7-year-old daughter. She'd played Angry Birds a few times but she wasn't the biggest fan of the smartphone game. So we were both surprised that we enjoyed the Angry Birds Movie as much as we did.

Jason Sudekis voices Red, the bad-tempered bird who is the star of the movie. Red has anger issues and even attends anger management classes. When a band of little piggies arrives on the Birds idyllic island, Red suspects the new arrivals are not the friendly visitors they initially seem.

What develops over the next hour and a half is a rip-roaring laugh out loud adventure. The film has plenty of gags for the grown-ups and the story moves along at a decent pace. Yes, this is a silly movie but it's the kind of silly that children love so if you're looking for an entertaining and light-hearted film to watch with the kids, give this a go and you could be pleasantly surprised!


  • Beautifully Animated
  • Great Characters
  • Very Funny


  • Not Groundbreaking


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