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Artemis Fowl is a 12-year-old boy who's reclusive father has been taken hostage. He now needs to find the aculos, the most important artifact in the fairy realm to get his father back. But the fairies are after it too so who will get to it first and can Artemis save his dad?

Directed by Kenneth Brannagh, Artemis Fowl brings to life the novel by Irish author Eoin Colfer. Set in a world of fairies and goblins, Artemis is a young boy who's father, also called Artemis and played by Colin Farrell, has spent his life collecting artifacts from the mystical worlds. But when the wealthy and elusive Artemis Snr is involved goes missing and is presumed dead, the young boy refuses to believe his father is really gone.

Instead, with the help of Dom Butler, his trusted bodyguard, Artemis realises that his father has been imprisoned by an evil being. The hooded figure gives Artemis three days to recover and trade the Aculos for his father. The aculos is the most important magical artifact in the fairy realm and it has gone missing. That means that both Artemis and the fairies need it but who will get to it first?

Heading up the fairies army is Commander Julius Root (Judi Dench) and she sends dependable fairy Holly to Fowl Manor in the hopes of finding the aculos. But Artemis has a plan and captures Holly knowing the fairies will send an army to get her back and it's that magic that he needs to harness to get his plan to work.

The other main player in the story is Mulch Diggums, an imprisoned dwarfus giganticus thief who agrees to work for the fairies. Played by Josh Gad, Mulch, Holly and Artemis must work together to defeat the evil villain, locate the aculos and save Artemis Snr.

Available on Disney+, the big question is Artemis Fowl any good? Like most adaptations, it is a mixed bag. The production is quite good as are the special effects. Josh Gad is the standout performer and really brings the story to life. However, some of the other actors are meh at best. Ferdia Shaw, who plays Artemis Jnr is a bit wooden, especially when up against the likes of Gad or Lara McDonnell (Holly). And who knows what accent Judi Dench was trying for as it's just a hotch-potch of Irish/Scottish/Welsh and quickly became very annoying.

The script is basic and has definitely been dumbed down for its audience. That said I'm an adult and while it was okay, it wasn't aimed at me. Instead, this is a movie very much aimed at older kids and mine loved it.

So if you're looking for a half-decent flick to watch as a family, Artemis Fowl ticks a few boxes. It's not the greatest film you'll ever watch and if you've read the books you will probably be very disappointed.

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  • Really Good Book To Adapt
  • Excellent Special Effects
  • Good Fantasy Movie For Kids


  • Some Terrible Acting
  • Very Dumber Down Script
  • Fans Of The Book Will Be Very Disappointed


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