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Four Australian couples decide to give their old relationship another go in this fascinating reality series. A very honest and engaging show that ends up being more of a social experiment into how people navigate the waters when trying to get back with an ex.

Netflix has a real knack for picking up brilliant Australian tv shows like Instant Hotel. Back With The Ex is no exception. A reality based show, Back With The Ex is more of a social experiment than anything else. It features four couples, all of whom split up years ago. Now however, one person from each couple wants to get back with their ex. The thinking is that they have somehow let the love of their lives go and are desperate for a second chance.

Couple number one are Jeremy and Meg. They were together, on and off, for seven years. Their relationship ended when Jeremy decided to ditch Meg and travel the world. Twice! Four years on and Jeremy is regretting his decision. This is the emotional rollercoaster couple.

Couple number two are Kate and Cam. Still quite young, they were teenage sweethearts for years until Kate cheated and broke Cam's heart. It's been three years and Kate wants to try again. They are the cute and sweet couple and Cam is adorable.

Couple number three are Erik and Lauren. Erik treated Lauren like absolute crap for six years. Even breaking up with her once a year for the hell of it. Now, having clearly not found anybody else to tolerate his bullshit, Erik is crossing his fingers that he can get Lauren back. The rest of us are crossing our fingers that she runs a mile from the cretin. This is the toxic relationship. He was a control freak and her self esteem paid the price. A thoroughly unlikeable man.

Couple number four are Peter and Diane. They met and fell in love 28 years ago but with Diane living in the US and Peter in Australian, the distance was too much. Both moved on with their lives but will they give each other a second chance? This is the romantic relationship. It's all gushy and loved up.

So they are the four couples. Some are definitely far more likeable than others. But it's their attempts to re-kindle a relationship which are fascinating. The couples agree to try again and spend two nights in a luxury hotel (separate rooms). They go on a series of fun dates before they have to live with each for two weeks. It's one week in each other's homes. They must record diaries, have pretty frank discussions about where it all went wrong in the first place and basically iron out the differences that caused them to break up in the first place.

With the past hopefully behind them they then go a on a four day romantic trip before each person must decide if they actually want to pursue the relationship any further. Back With The Ex is compulsive viewing. If you start watching it you will absolutely want to watch all seven episodes if only to find out how the couples fair. And there are some surprises along the way…


  • Four Very Engaging Couples
  • Brutally Honest
  • Not Contrived


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