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Bad Moms Christmas

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Over worked and under pressure, our three Moms decide to ease back on the Christmas festivities until their own mothers turn up to ruin their plans. A really, really funny movie that won't win any Oscars but will give you a few laughs.

Bad Moms Christmas is the follow-up to the 2016 Bad Moms. And you don't need to have watched the first film to throughly enjoy this one. And enjoy it you will. It is absolutely hilarious and one of the better holiday themed movie available. The all-star cast is incredible with Susan Sarandon, Christine Baranski and Cheryl Hines joining in the fun. They play the mothers to the existing Moms – Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn (Private Life).

As you may have guessed it's Christmas time. Each of our ladies has decided that rather than being a time for fun and festivities, the holiday season is actually the most exhausting for mothers everywhere. And so they decide to calm things down and just chill. That is until their own mother's show up to spoil their plans.

Bad Moms Christmas is laugh out loud funny. The inter-play between the characters is top notch with Baranski stealing the show as Amy's hard-nosed mother. Hines plays Kiki's mother and her smothering love for her daughter knows no bounds – literally. Sarandon plays Carla's mum as a dope-smoking, hard drinking, borderline neglectful woman who only shows up when she needs money.

With so many personalities in the movie it would be easy to think that character development would suffer. Thankfully it doesn't. What we have instead is three rather dysfunctional mother-daughter relationships. Each messed up in their own way. Can the girls get their perfect Christmas and still keep their mothers on side?

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While this is a sweet movie overall, it's also filled with more mature content. By that I mean, strippers, bad language and a fair whack of filth. And it is all the better for it. But beneath the charm, funny quips and one-liners is a slightly deeper message. Christmas is about family, not decorations. It won't win any oscars but it will give you a few laughs.

Bad Moms Christmas is also available on Netflix UK as well as Amazon Prime.



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  • Laugh Out Loud Funny
  • Amazing Cast


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