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Best Christmas Ever

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Charlotte is struggling with her life and it's not made easier by her old college friend's holiday newsletter and her perfect life. So Charlotte sets out to prove it can't be real. Definitely NOT the Best Christmas Ever!

By now, we're used to the various streaming services churning out Christmas movies just in time to get us into the holiday spirit.

Netflix is no different, and this year's biggest offering is Best Christmas Ever! from director Mary Lambert.

Starring Heather Graham, Brandy Norwood, Jason Biggs, and Matt Cedeño, it's a decent attempt at a feel-good holiday film, but if you're expecting an Oscar-worthy flick, then you'll be sadly disappointed.

What Is Best Christmas Ever About?

Charlotte has a modest but nice life. She's married to Rob and with two kids in tow, is doing ok. Is she as fulfilled as she would like? No. Has everything worked out the way she expected? No. Could she be happier? Yes.

Not helping matters is the annual Christmas letter from Rob's friend Jackie Jennings. Because, you see, Jackie has the perfect life.

In fact, it's so perfect that she has just sold her company for a small fortune, her husband's fitness business has gone viral, her son is helping to build schools in Africa, and her 11-year-old has just been accepted into Harvard.

As things go, Jackie is definitely winning at life. Charlotte, however, doesn't believe the hype, and instead of arriving at her sister's house for Christmas as planned, the Sanders end up on Jackie's snowy doorstep.

So is her life as perfect as she makes out? Charlotte is out to prove it's all talk and no action.

But maybe, just maybe, along the way, she'll realise that perfection and being happy are not the same thing, and maybe she should have more faith in her own family.

Best Christmas Ever Official Trailer

Is Best Christmas Ever Worth Watching?

I'm going to save you a lot of time and trouble here. If you love a good Christmas movie, you're going to watch Best Christmas Ever, no matter what I say.

If you have a more discerning pallet and don't want to waste what precious free time you have, then swerve this film and watch paint dry instead.

I expect ludicrous plots when it comes to this genre of film, but whoever green lit this movie needs a real stern talking to.

The entire crux of the film hangs on the premise that every Christmas Jackie sends a boastful holiday newsletter, but it makes her old college friend Charlotte feel bad about her life.

So now we have to go through an hour and a half of Brandy Norwood simpering through what is otherwise a legit perfect life while telling Charlotte that she, too, can have it all if she just takes a chance.

Then they go and throw in some weird flirting thing between Charlotte and Jackie's husband (ick), a bit of slapstick comedy (falling off a balcony), a Christmas play, a hot air balloon (???), the ‘miscommunication' trope and they wrap it all up in an awkward and forced red bow.

Honestly, Best Christmas Ever is the most inaccurate title anybody has ever given a film.

If they had just called it ‘Worst Christmas Movie Ever‘ it would have been more honest!

Cast of Best Christmas Ever Movie

Heather Graham as Charlotte Sanders, a frustrated wife and mother who is jealous of her old friend's life

Brandy Norwood as Jackie Jennings, the woman with the perfect life who went to college with Charlotte and Rob

Jason Biggs as Rob Sanders, Charlotte's husband

Matt Cedeño as Valentino, Jackie's husband

Wyatt Hunt as Grant Sanders

Abby Villasmil as Dora Sanders

Madison Skye Validum as Beatrix Jennings

Nadia Sine as Rose McCaffrey

Janet Lo as Keiko


  • Some Funny Moments
  • Good To See Jason Biggs On Screen
  • Had Good Intentions


  • Tragically Bad Script
  • Wooden And Forced
  • Shoehorned In Every Christmas Trope Possible


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