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Elena Michaels is the only living female werewolf but leaves her pack in search of a normal life, until she is called home to help defend the family against an outside threat. A perfect fantasy horror show for fans of Grimm or The Originals.

There was a time when you couldn't move for fantasy dramas involving vampires, werewolves, and demons on TV. And while they haven't completely died out, it is getting more difficult to find quality shows in this genre. Particularly those aimed and adults and not teens! And that's where Bitten makes its entrance.

Bitten has three seasons on Netflix and follows Elena Michaels, as the only living female werewolf. She belongs to a pack headed by Jeremy Danvers but now she wants out. Leaving the family, she heads to Vancouver in an attempt to quash her inner werewolf and live as a normal human. But things are never that simple and Elena struggles in trying to keep her two worlds apart.

Things become even trickier when she is called home to help defend the pack against an outside threat. With no real way of explaining who she really is, she reluctantly leaves her boyfriend to help Jeremy and the family. It then becomes very clear that Elena and Clay, also a werewolf, used to be ‘a thing'. And as season one progresses more of Elena's backstory, including how she became a werewolf, is revealed. But will Elena return to her roots and stay with the pack? Or will she abandon them and return her normal life? Will the pack even survive?

Bitten is pitched as fantasy horror and the fantasy element is definitely there. It isn't until the end of season one that the horror aspect gets ramped up. Up until that point, the show is laying the groundwork for the decisions that Elena has to make. By season two we are into full-on horror with plenty of violence and spilled blood. And of course, the chemistry between Elena (Laura Vandervoort) and Clay (Greyston Holt) is undeniable. It HOPS off the screen!

Bitten is the perfect tonic to fill the fantasy gap left by Grimm or The Originals. The story is unique and the cast is excellent with plenty of action and drama. Unlike a lot of shows that previously aired on TV before heading to Netflix, the story moves along at a blistering pace. So it's very easy to binge watch.

The plots change and evolve and the only shame is that just three seasons were made!


  • Great Action and Fantasy
  • Original Plot Line
  • Excellent On Screen Chemistry


  • Only three Seasons


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