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When a first date goes horribly wrong, Jim and Lauren find themselves with their kids on a Blended family holiday where they must spend the week together in Africa. A really lovely, funny, and feel-good movie from Adam Sandler.

Did you know that since Adam Sandler started in the movie business, his films have grossed over $3 Billion at the box office? And that doesn't even include the very lucrative Netflix deal which saw him agree to four movies for $250m in 2014. They were so successful that he signed a second deal, presumably on the same terms in 2017. That's $500m for eight exclusive Netflix films. Essentially what I'm saying is that Adam Sandler is well-loved by movie go-ers so even when the 2014 hit Blended hit the streaming service, it instantly went into the Top 10 watched in the UK.

As characters go, Jim (Sandler) is a pretty normal guy. Similar to his role in The Week Of, Sandler plays it straight as a widower and father of three girls. After a disastrous first date with Lauren (Drew Barrymore), the two decide to part ways. Lauren's friend Jen is dating Jim's boss, Dick, and has been invited on a week-long holiday to Africa. However, when Jen and Dick break up because Jen discovers Dick has five children, the holiday is up for grabs.

By sheer coincidence, Jim and Lauren are each offered the holiday and go with their kids without knowing the other is there. Of course, then they must play a ‘Blended' family and so begins the path to true love. Or does it? Over the course of nearly two hours Lauren and Jim get to grips with each other and all the kids. With Lauren's two boys needing a better role model as their father is utterly useless and Jim's daughters needing a mother figure to guide them through tricky times, the two families start to really like each other.

Blended is a great film that is sweet, touching and really funny in parts. What makes it great is that Jim and Lauren are just two ordinary people trying to muddle through and be the best parents they can be. A lot of comedy comes from Kevin Nealon and Jessica Lowe as the other couple at the dining table and of course Terry Crews who is hilarious as the hotel entertainer. Sometimes Adam Sandler movies can be a bit hit or miss, depending on which of his comedic styles you prefer. But I loved Blended as a funny heartwarming story that may be a tad predictable but that's ok too.


  • Sandler & Barrymore Are Great Together
  • Heartwarming
  • Thoroughly Enjoyable


  • A Tad Predictable
  • A Little Over Sentimental


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