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When three parents discover their daughter's pact to lose their virginity on prom night, the Blockers set off to stop the girls in a night of madness and mayhem. A lot of cringe but a lot of laughs.

If you're looking for a good laugh then try the movie Blockers. Basically it's about three adults whose daughters have been best friends since kindergarten. Now those kids are all grown up and heading for the prom before they all make the move to college. Already quite anxious about them leaving home, things get a while worse when they discover that the daughters have made a pact to lose their virginity that night.

So off the parents go in an attempt to talk some sense into the girls and stop them from making a mistake. Leslie Man plays Lisa, a protective single mother who wants her daughter to go to a local university. John Cena plays Mitchell, a very involved Dad who has been the stay-home parent. And Ike Barinholtz plays an absent father, Hunter, who hasn't had much involvement with his daughter's life since divorcing the mother a few years earlier.

Blockers is a slapstick comedy that follows the antics of the three parents. Leslie and Mitchell want to stop the girls, Hunter wants to stop Leslie and Mitchell. Between the three of them, almost everything goes wrong. From the hilarious deciphering of what the emoji texts mean to trying to crash both the prom and the after-party, the trio makes an absolute mess of the evening.

Interestingly, while the movie focuses on stopping the three girls, there is plenty of smart commentary on the idiocy of their pursuit. Would they behave the same way if they were boys, not girls? Haven't they done a good enough job raising three smart young women who are capable of making good decisions? At what point do you just let your kids grow up?

Overall Blockers is just a fun movie. Sure, it's over the top in most parts but then it's not a documentary, it's a comedy. If you don't mind some crude cringe comedy, this will be right up your street.


  • Full Of Laughs
  • Great Chemistry Between The Leads
  • Decent Social Commentary


  • A Lot Of Cringe
  • Daft Plot


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